Referrals - partnerships

Sushiswap has sushi emissions and organic growth on the etherium and polygon chains.

exploring some of the other unused chains/products there is no liquidity or activity.

I was thinking of ways to add value to these chains, 1inch has a referral program that pays 20% of the protocol profits to referrers.

Could we not use a similar tactic for BSC and other unused products? Paying 20% of the profit on these chains would currently amount to 0, but there is a product here that works, that people want to use because the developers have done an amazing job.

If a token applies for the onsen program ask them to add a link on their website for swapping? Pay them a % of the additional fee’s for those referrals?

I’m sure people use the swap option on Aave or their wallets because it is convenient even if it is inefficient.

We could even give the “rights” to this
task to a team of marketers or an already established protocol on certain chains. Give them the referral rewards and they can use partners or go about the task in any way they choose that produces results. We would need a set timeline and expectations going that route.


I believe that it is first necessary to attract liquidity. Once sushi is grown in the pools we could successfully attract users with affiliate marketing.
We risk paying to make users come, who will then go away unhappy.:wink: