Regarding Shoyu's Programmable Feature

I was very excited to find out the development of Shoyu was underway, and surprised to find out how quickly we may be looking at a v0 launch. One thing that stood out within the spec sheet was the coming feature for NFTs to have some level of programmability.

Immediately ideas come to mind on the wide range of applications here, but there didn’t seem to be much detail about what this feature would actually look like. I was curious to see if anyone had any great ideas how this can be utilized while the feature remains in dev for the next few months. It would also be nice to have some clarity for those planning to release NFTs on Shoyu to know how to plan around this feature.

Some questions I have regarding how the programmability feature as it is currently spec’d:

  • How much depth will there be to the programmability of NFTs when the feature is launched?
  • Will there be a UI to support features such as randomized NFT production?
  • When staked together to produce a new NFT, will there be an ability to burn the original staked NFTs?
  • Aside from staking components, can NFTs be burned to produce a different NFT?
  • Are there any plans beyond the scope of v2 for this offering?

I’d be interested to find out if anyone in the community has any ideas about how this can be used to breathe more life into NFTs. Thank you to the community and devs that supported and made this project possible.