Remove Jared Grey as Head Chef

Jared Grey has been unresponsive since being questioned regarding his stance on potentially stepping down as Head Chef. Furthermore, Jared has privatized his Twitter (another weak signal) displaying self-interest and lack of leadership. We do not believe Jared is fit to continue serving as Head Chef and should have team access terminated immediately (after Snapshot vote).

Additionally, Jared should transfer control of any Sushi brand assets to a trusted team member and leave any Sushi team channels. Considering Jared’s secretive approach regarding the subpoena, we do believe comms are compromised and Jared is a serious liability to the Sushi brand.

Since being served with a subpoena regarding his involvement in Sushi, Jared has responded to community members in a snappy and unprofessional tone while failing to transparently communicate with the broader DAO members. For these reasons, we propose the removal of Jared Grey.

Jared Grey would be removed as Head Chef effective immediately after Snapshot vote. The Sushi community would then propose a severance package to ease tensions and aid in the transition.

Jared Grey would continue his role as Head Chef and wage war against the US govt.

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go get em jared… :sushi: :muscle:

also lets just send a message to the world not every god damn thing needs to be a secret because MUH GAAAAINZ THOOOOU

Thanks for taking your Twitter off private @jaredgrey

April fools!


Not really. For someone like you with lots of energy dedicated to Sushi, it’s illuminating to see your non-support in this thread. You think having a US-based and doxxed head chef while operating such things as xSushi makes it stronger? Good luck. It seems like a weak point to me (and others). This proposal is only about reducing inefficiency and protect Sushi from going ahead with a losing fight.

Of course I don’t support this thread.

Number 1, you joined on March 22nd this year. Who are you?

Number 2, he has and continues to be a damn sight more transparent than anyone in his role before him (who were dealing with the same thing but didn’t tell you), and this immediately makes this thread a joke.

You seem to live in this fantasy land where you think that everyone outside of the US is immune. You’re obviously wrong.

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Would much rather see a public discussion surrounding questions you’d like answered and suggestions to make processes more transparent.


He’s rugging. Gave everyone on the team huge pay raises and he’s transferring 1/3rd if the treasury for “legal expenses.” Didn’t even show proof of the SEC subpoena. Just sell your Sushi tokens before he finishes the exit scam.

@jaredgrey, your ability to receive criticism is non-existent. I began with a simple and respectful question regarding your stance on stepping down. All that was needed was some rational response why you are better fit to fight Sushi’s war vs someone else. Instead, you slander in private messages and demean DAO members in public. You’re not fit to serve as a leader of a community-driven project and time will tell that this is extremely true. If you disagree, bring some clear points. Sushi’s product has also only gone backward under your watch. Why is the landing page black and the application white? Do you know about branding? Ik thats not the most important thing, its just one example of many.

Why does it matter who I am? This is clearly not about me. Please stop trying to make it so.

i think you just need to go away sushi works many other projects dont if it fails it fails go away and never come back. us government rule the whole world? do they really? must be nice flexing all that military on everyone all the time super tough

so SUPER TOUGH FLEXING ALL THAT MIGHT off thte backs of tax dollars and god knows what else. its disgusting already