Removed liquidity, pair disappeared, unable to unstake

hi all, was farming sand/weth , I came back next day saw no rewards accumulating so removed liquidity. the pair immediately disappeared. so now i have the slp for the pair but it is no longer match-able to any pool that is not recognized as liquidity. something else, when i went back that next day my metamask was asking me to approve my spend limit for the pair… which i did again because id done that day before or surely it wouldn’t have generated the pool? any ideas

hi, you need to import the LP, UI doesn’t displays this pair by default in your pool tab.

If you need more help/infos, come ask on the sushi discord : SushiSwap Community

hey thanks heaps hhk for getting back to me, yes I did that but it doesnt recognize it in my metamask…“dont have enough liquidity” etc. Also thanks for the invite. I will go on Discord forum.

Bugga, I botched up the discord invite to the Sushiswap community, could you please post again? sorry to muck you around

Thank You hhk, my fault! I had used eth net coin not poly version looking for my pool. You inspired me to try once more and this time it worked. Many thanks

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Hi, I have the same problem. I have some SLP tokens formed by MATIC and SAND Pair without any indications of such pool under UI. Could you let me know what exactly did you do to get your tokens back?

Hey, can you join sushi discord : SushiSwap Community

and post your message in support channel, it will be easier to help there.

Hi Baltuu first many apologies I only just came apon your email. Ok, I guess you have unstaked your lp. thats when the pair disappeared. Go to Pool and enter the pair you were after My mistake was I did not enter them in the correct order…i.e SAND/ETH or whatever…then it will find it
hope this helps that was my error.
good luck bro☺