Rename SushiSwap?

As Sushi approaches its first birthday, I think it could be a good season to explore a new name.

In the past year, SushiSwap has become much more a place to “swap” and an AMM. It is expanding into an all-purpose financial platform, with BentoBox, Kashi, MISO, Shoyu, Onsen etc.

The AMM is still SushiSwap’s flagship product that accounts for most of its revenue, but this may change in time.

I think renaming to “Sushi Finance” or to just “Sushi” would highlight the project’s ambition to take on all of DeFi and that it’s not only a dex. The name “SushiSwap” encourages comparisons to Uniswap, which I think is no longer a good comparison.

I can think of at least a couple cases where DeFi projects renamed: Matic rebranding to Polygon and Havven changing to Synthetix a while back.

SushiSwap has a nice ring to it and broad recognition. But thinking forward to the next 100k or million people that come into the ecosystem…what name would work best?

“Sushi Finance” is just one idea, so feel free to share other suggestions. And maybe the community decides to just keep SushiSwap. Just want to open conversation on this.

Best from Mr. Bento.


Hmm, I think they’re already going this direction if I’m honest. Most of the time I see it referred to as SushiSwap only out of familiarity, but most of the team members simply say “Sushi” from what I see when they refer to it. Capturing the domain helps solidify this further. Just take a look at the branding on the front page. It’s all just “Sushi” without “Swap”


Great point.

Thinking from a messaging/comms angle a more explicit post something down the lines of “Why We’re No Longer SushiSwap” or “Goodbye SushiSwap, Hello Sushi” could be useful to really drive this home.


This would be really cool.

I’m in favour of losing the ‘swap’ - or at least limiting it to the swap section of the website. Simple & direct is better IMO. It worked wonders for ‘The Facebook’



Like this idea.

Think the on-brand names such as “Kashi” and “Miso” are cool, but add a layer of complexity that makes it hard for newcomers to understand and use the product. It would be helpful if in UI/UX design there’s emphasis placed on adding clarifiers with the names, e.g. “Kashi Lending”, “Miso Launchpad” wherever possible.


I like this refresh ~~ just ‘Sushi’. This I think speaks to the variety of offerings one can expect entering any decent sushi bar. To lean on origin story: It is pretty cool that the collected products are anchored on SushiToken governance (not SushiSwapToken ~~)


We have been doing this! Even when our partners create blog posts or news articles, we ask them to favour saying just Sushi, with a sprinkle of the full SushiSwap, just to maintain familiarity during this transitional stage. But we have 100% been pushing for saying only Sushi.


Fantastic, great to hear it. Any chance of changing the Discord from “SushiSwap Community” to “Sushi Community”?

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I’ll bring it up to the team. Maybe even a Sushi(Swap) Community initially could be in keeping with our new branding but maintaining some level of nostalgia. Great suggestion!

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+1 for renaming SushiSwap to Sushi, especially as it would further set it apart from today’s swap-named projects, which are a-dime-a-dozen.

I would stick to the name it started with. People still use it as mainly to swap tokens and it does not deny it’s history. On the other hand, renaming could help to get more distance from UniSwap… Not sure anymore… :slight_smile:

Love the idea of changing the name. Have a fantastic domain name and a clean interface. Makes sense to make it straight Sushi.

Who doesn’t love Sushi? I think keeping the brand simple is always better from a marketing standpoint so it makes sense to go with that.

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@iamDCinvestor had great feedback on naming for the different Sushi products today. While Sushi is great branding, the individual product naming can be confusing.

He proposes a combination of branded name and a descriptive noun. Which imo makes a lot of sense. What do you guys think?


Agree - onboarding is important and naming shouldn’t be confusing or a barrier. Focus naming on function.

The trident launch would be the ideal timing to review the overall suite of products.

Sushi is a marketmaking tech aggregator that provides best in class market making across all digital asset usecases.

Sushi Swap - Token Swap Market
Sushi Lending - Borrow Lend Market
Sushi Collectables - Art/Gaming NFT Market
Sushi Launchpad - Auction Market

Future possible markets
Sushi Bonds - Tranched Debt Market
Sushi Predictions - Prediction market
Sushi Tasks - Gig market
Sushi Learning - Online Course Market
Sushi Data - Online Raw Data Feed Market

Sky’s truly the limit, plenty to keep busy on until 2030

Any Product that is Sushi Branded has economics tied to the treasury and Xsushi holders.

In addition there will be many “Sushi Ecosystem” tools - Independent tools built by other coders permissionlessly deployed that rely on underlying sushi products (like bento liquidity) but have their own separate and distinct economics that don’t directly feed into the sushi treasury/xsushi. Rather “ecosystem” products drive volume to the sushi branded products that blends in with normal user volume.

Miso is in a way an ecosystem type product, even though it was built by sushi core and is integrated into directly into the sushi UI