Replace Me As a Multisig

In my jurisdiction there is some legal ambiguity around how much a multisig holder can be involved within a project.

This has caused me to need to step back from being active within the Sushi governance and proposal process. As well as add in strict self-governance guidelines:

I am proposing to replace my role as a multisig so that I can remove that legal burden from myself and be more involved in the community and governance process.

As we saw in the first week, my skills are likely best served in being involved more actively in the Sushi community.

Both community reaction & legal ambiguity put a damper on that when having me accept the multsig role.

I had hoped both roles could be fulfilled at once, but, since they can’t - then I should optimize to the role which can have the strongest impact.

I stepped up to be a multisig to help secure this community in a time when its security was ambiguous. Now, this community has an overwhemingly strong set of multisig signers who are great neutral protectors of those keys. What it needs are more strong community governance voices.

In any outcome I would continue to be a mod in SushiSwap’s Discord and maintain


A) Hold a vote to replace me as a multisig.
B) Replace me with the next in line as multisig from the initial vote.
C) Or don’t replace me if you see there being more value in the multisig role.

[For whatever reason it won’t let me add a poll here - might be a permissions issue, but I’ll let people discuss/vote in the thread]

  • A - Hold a vote to replace me as a multisig
  • B - Replace me with the next in line as multisig from the initial vote
  • C - Don’t replace me if you see there being more value in the multisig role

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I hope you will back in full swing soon. You are missed on discord and in the community, and i agree that you skills and energy will be better utilized here than as a multisig.

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I had wondered what caused you to stop by Discord less frequently–now I understand.

Compared to a week ago, I am much more comfortable now with the set of multisig holders. They’ve demonstrated the willingness to allow the community to take the wheel, with limited, but valuable guidance. We’ve stumbled (100% buyback cough), but those stumbles were our own, and we continue to learn moving forward.

If these legal hurdles are diminishing your ability to contribute, we should allow you to sever the bond you voluntarily agreed to in the first place.

However, I feel we should conduct a vote on which individual replaces you, rather than defaulting it to whoever was next in line. We have a much better idea of who is genuinely interested in the health of Sushi now that the hype has settled down.

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I agree and think you could add a lot a value being involved more with the community.

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Your excellent opinions/suggestions/proposal in ref. to strategy, sushinomics, technical, development, etc. were/are very appreciated by everybody interested in the Sushi growth and missed a lot in the last days due to the multisig limitations. Thank you for your availability to be continue more involved, its a added high value we cannot miss.

I suggest to have Maki done a formal vote proposal to have you part of team, similar with the one we had for Ctrl, asap, in 1-2 days max. Of course after discussing with you in private specific details.

I am sure the percentage of votes in the favor of removing you from multisig and to continue as part of team will be almost 100% and the quorum will be reached in one day.

All the best !