Restyling SushiSwap Forum

This is a preview for restyling SushiSwap Forum based on our recent branding color scheme and illustrations:

Feel free to leave your thoughts below

Some points of discussion I hope forum members can consider:

  • With background or without (does it make the site too busy)?
  • Is bright colored text comfortable to read on a normal basis, if not, should we switch to a light (with black text) as opposed to dark color scheme?
  • Full width content or cropped content

Dang… Feels like a whole new identity. I am not sure if I am ready for this haha… I personally like a brighter and minimalistic background.

The dark theme kinda steals the thunder away from the sushi images… if you know what I am sayin’… The new brand image kinda gives me the psychedelic sorta vibes… not sure if that’s what we’re going for…


Yes, I think there should be a light version of our current branding assets for products that have a lot of text, such as the forum. White text might not always be easy on the eyes.

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A few alternative backgrounds, to make the design above seem less busy. Courtesy of Kastrye

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I love the second bg with the ‘blank’ space in the middle
I really love the preview but that bg is too busy