[RFC] Sushi community governance in the Sengoku-Jidai (the warring DEX period)

Worse examples of this on the Alegbra post Nick.

It is so sloppy that the new members there have only read for 2 minutes when finding the post and reading it thoroughly takes longer.

Do not worry though they found the poll and voted the ‘correct’ way….

As a long-standing sushi active sushi member and multisig member you could look into all this. It’s all very manipulative at the minute and the community/DAO arm controls nothing, not even this which is akin to our Parliament


I asked about this on the discord chat too. How do we get this moved to snapshot? It has plenty of community interest and it would appear that plenty of people in the community and others, would like to see some changes to governance.
I am getting the sense that the team would rather wait until the completion of the tokenomics proposal before moving this to snapshot. Is that correct?

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I don’t want you to overstate the time I have to “look into all of this.” There should be no misunderstanding of my “authority” or lack thereof. Beyond that, I do have other commitments that require my focus. I am not an investigator, auditor, or otherwise. The amount of time I spend on unpaid positions has to be minimized. When I see things that feel blatant, I’ll speak up, but I do not have the time or the inclination to track every occurrence.

I was replying to your earlier post and only in regards your capacity as a concerned sushi community member.

There’s no formality to the moderation and it falls exclusively to ops team members. History here and human nature will guarantee that there is bias.

For example I would love to see a performance review for each of the ops team with links to the work they have completed in the last year. We are paying some of the highest wages in the space and the roi doesn’t seem to be landing imo.

If the community wants to review this on our forum are we free to do so without manipulation or posts being deleted by the administrators? Can we vote on the renewal of the team? Would it be put to snapshot?

All very important when distinguishing ourselves as decentralised

Fair. And reasonable analysis on our compensation. I always believed the comp was high. Even during the last bull market. High for what is essentially a startup. Anyway, a discussion for another post I suspect.

With respect, the DAO ratified compensation packages for core contributors and the Head Chef as part of Sushi 2.0. The salaries reflect the highly detailed and sensitive nature of the work required to develop and maintain the infrastructure and product stack and manage risk at the protocol and org level. I urge anyone questioning the mostly engineering-based team’s output to check our GitHub, which is regularly in the top 5 in DeFi by commits at any given time: SushiSwap · GitHub. The rest of the team, such as BD, have secured grants allowing operational continuity independent of the Treasury, and our recent marketing hire has dramatically boosted our brand messaging and presence.

Regarding the protocol, Sushi is unique in its multi-chain scaling needs and had acquired considerable technical debt due to its historic fast-paced multi-chain deployment schedule. I briefly wrote this in my Head Chef’s “Year in Review” Medium post recently. Throughout this year, we focused on building a proprietary solution to address the issue. Additionally, innovative products like Route Processor, now in its 4th version, have allowed us to aggregate liquidity in novel ways to increase swap routes.

I understand it isn’t easy to see the value of these improvements at the moment due to the reduction of liquidity and volume on networks like Arbitrum, where Sushi had a top 3 presence. However, I believe the infrastructure improvements we developed in the past year will provide a renewed opportunity for Sushi in 2024 to recapture its status on networks like Arbitrum once we complete its renewed value proposition with fresh tokenomics. Please note that many new DEXs on Arbitrum that have surpassed Sushi on volume have newer emissions models that allow them to attract liquidity to their DEX. Also, a good portion of volume gets boosted with low-fee stable swap pools, which make almost no fees.

FWIW, I think an operations team performance review aligns with the DAO’s expectations. I will produce a document detailing the scope of the team’s accomplishments for 2023. Also, we planned the release of a governance dashboard in Q2 of this year that would present an easily accessible and transparent view of expenses, development milestones, etc. I spoke about it and shared some screenshots earlier this year. However, we backlogged its deployment to dedicate all engineering resources to mission-critical product development. We aim to release the dashboard by Q1 of 2024.

Lastly, regarding pay, the DAO hasn’t needed to liquidate Treasury-held Sushi to pay salaries for operations team members in over two years; operations are mostly self-funded through grants. In the past 14 months, the Business Development team has secured grant agreements totaling ~10M USD. Previously, the Treasury funded the multi-chain expansion initiative at the expense of the DAO, and we’ve changed that process into a positive sum outcome for the DAO.

Hopefully, this adds some context to the quality of the team and why the DAO pays their salaries.