Scammers got me

Well , after getting scammed outta some coin (Embarrasment ) I finally think i’ve sussed out the Sushi site…best to leave it in staking for accrued interest , compounded.

Farming seems a little beyond me at the mo…but the rewards look enticing…

Can I suggest a little guidence on the site somewhere for nooby’s like myself to help guide them through …

Think Sushi should go well , and well done to management …

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Hi Oilleak,

it’s a shame to hear that you were the victim of a scamm.

I always pay attention to the following points before I invest:

  1. Can the team be found public and on social media, if not “WARNING”

  2. Check the company’s Twitter profile and look at the post and comments (also look at some user profiles to see if they are real people).

  3. Try to find your code and see if it is verified on Etherscan.

There are other things to do with it, but you have to understand coding a bit.

I wish you good luck

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