Second Chance Rewards for Community

I propose that the SushiSwap team distributes a second airdrop of SUSHI for two different groups–those who have used the platform in 2021, and those who have used other DeXs but not SushiSwap.

Distribute a notable amount of SUSHI to all users of the DeX or LPs at any time during 2021, and another amount to others who have used Uniswap, 1Inch, Matcha, etc but who have not yet used SushiSwap. This would reward loyal participants while also incentivizing people who have perhaps never been officially introduced to the platform to begin using it instead of others.

My motivation for requesting this proposal is the hope that we can grow and develop the platform exponentially quicker and further than typically planned. Despite beginning as a fork of Uni, I can see Sushi surpassing it by a longshot. However, doing so will require some incentives for the community, and some draw for non-users. I think the original airdrop at the original launch of SushiSwap occurred WAY too soon and thus most everyone missed out on it and instead began making Uniswap their default DeX. I think we need to change this.

Airdrop 300 SUSHI to anyone who has either connected their wallet to the platform, or who has completed one swap or provision of liquidity at any point during 2021.
Airdrop another 100 SUSHI to anyone who has completed any swap or LP on Uniswap at any point in 2021 but have never completed any transaction on SushiSwap.

The FOR side will be benefitting the entire DeFi space, while specifically helping to push SushiSwap forward towards becoming the undisputed leader of DeXs.

The against side is leaving the status quo, leaving SushiSwap as a follower of Uniswap.


[poll public=true]
- Approve Airdrop
- Disapprove Airdrop

I think you have to enable a vote.

That said, I am against an airdrop and further dilution of funds.

Right now people can gain sushi by providing liquidity and farming.
There isn’t a lack of sushi in the hands of community members and moving around, which is what airdrops are for.