Seeking Feedback was initially created as a directory to share information with my colleagues about SushiSwap. Makes it easier for them to read all about it without searching through multiple sites.

I recently decided to expand on it to include more content and share it publicly. Instead of sending multiple links to your non-crypto native friends on Sushi, why not just send him 1 link instead.

Would be great to get feedback on what other information I should include.


I really like the idea of Wasabi News. Certainly, Sushi should have something like this built into the domain. It does make it easier than searching Discord, Medium, Forum, etc. I think maybe this needs some adjustments to the interface. Would be good to have some of the language reflect the same language/copy on the Sushi site itself.
Categorize it by Multi-Chain AMM, Kashi Lending & Leverage, BentoBox dApps, etc.

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Good work Truda! Love it. We are building something similar on the Samurai platform JLUK.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I have made major changes to the layout of the website. It’s more compact and organised now. Will keep on improving.

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Thanks. Yes I plan to host your content on the it too. :grin:

Oh yeah, this is an improvement from my POV. Directs the eye a little more for those of us who have been using the platform.