Shape Shifting Lite UI (Mobile App)


SushiSwap has 3 UIs: classic, fi and lite. Lite has the least users(12k mau) among them and sometimes newcomers are confused on why there are so many UIs. This proposal is about deprecating lite UI and transitioning it into the official SushiSwap mobile app(android/iOS).


From day 1, lite UI has been written with react-native-web considering platform independence(supporting android, iOS and web). Compiling into a mobile app can be done out-of-the-box but there are some improvements that can be pushed especially for increasing UX:

  • Managing users’ own private keys to be safely encrypted by Android’s KeyStore and iOS’s Secure Enclave.
  • Authenticating users using bitometric information: fingerprint recognition or face detection.
  • Notifying users as soon as their transactions get confirmed.
  • Notifying users when their assets surge/crash by a certain percentage.


Account Management

Users can create their own wallet with password and it generates a 12-word seed phrase. The password and the seed phrase never leaves the deivce. Also, they can load a pre-created seed phrase and continue using their account. Metamask users on desktop can smoothly transition to SushiSwap mobile.

Biometric Authentication

Mobile apps can increase the level of security using biometic authentication. Only the owner can sign in and send transaction to the blockchain using fingerprint recognition/face detection.

Push Notification

Every time a user created a transaction and as soon as it is confirmed, a push notification is sent. He/she can watch youtube videos or do whatever while waiting for it. They can also register price alerts so that whenever their assets go down/up, notifications are received so that they can react urgently.

Security Measures

  • Seed phrase is encrypted using Android’s KeyStore or iOS’s Secure Enclave feature, which guarantees the hardware-backed security on the encrypted data in OS level.
  • Requires password or biometric authentcation for creating every transction.
  • Auto-locks the app when the app goes background or every 5 minutes; they need to re-authenticate it when coming foreground.

Core Features of Lite UI

These core features will be supported with crafted UX/UI for mobile apps.

Trust Issues

How can you trust the app? First, I’ll fully open source the code in github; it’s written in react-native-web and it’s purely javascript. Since the app needs to be compiled before deployments, I could manipulate it without notifying users(if I go evil). To protect this from happening, I’ll add a command line tool to calculate the checksum of the compiled javascript code so that anyone can compare it to the value that’s being displayed in their app. If two values are different, whole community will know about it so the app will be abandoned.

Deprecation Plan

If this proposal is accepted by the community, lite UI will be deprecated in a 3 weeks and support will be discontinued. After 3 weeks, lite UI will no longer be accessible.
Mobile app alpha will be released in a few weeks from now. Any member on discord would be able to taste it in advance once released.

Web vs Mobile App
  • I love lite UI on web, keep it the way it is!
  • We already have web UIs, mobile app is needed!

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I think having a mobile app just on sushi is redundant. There are peeps doing aggregating the whole dexs and taking the best price feed. I think an app for sushi would need at least have some functionality of aggregation rather than just sushiswap

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aggregation such as what?

For sure agree on the value prop has to be unique/special.

Potential for custom menu’s perhaps. For example, there are deals only available on mobile apps for booking hotels (e.g. expedia) ,

Maybe a trading chat channel as well. would be interesting

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Absolutely love this!

A mobile app would be cool but it seems unnecessary. If the mobile app were to include an easy fiat on-ramp, I think that would add value to the Sushiswap ecosystem, but we’d have to be able to handle the fiat< >crypto bridge directly (like Coinbase does) in order to get Apple approval. It doesn’t seem like we have the infrastructure in place to support that, and deciding to build that infrastructure seems like it should be a separate proposal.

Push notifications are another “neat” feature the mobile app could provide, but they’re not a game changer by any means.

Ultimately if this were to come at the expense of further progress on web/backend, I would veto this proposal. If it’s something that could be developed on its own without taking resources from web/backend development, then okay… but I still would like to see more convincing ways this would generate revenue for Sushiswap beyond replicating existing web functionality in a mobile app.