Should Joseph Delong step down and be replaced by another CTO?


We have all been following the drama and accusations around Sushi lately. I wish we were able to dismiss it all as a ‘baseless conspiracy’ just as the core team claims, but at this stage it seems hard to do. The newly published rekt article deserves to be linked here -

Whatever your view, the questions seem to be piling up and no satisfactory answers have been give, as of yet. The team is deflecting this into a narrative about a lack of compensation, instead of making coordinated efforts to introduce more transparency and restore the faith of the community first -

The lack of empathy and outright hostility towards the community that makes this project great is apparent on the CTO’s side, when you read his tweets. Along with his repeated claims how he is not enjoying working here -

I think whatever your take on the rekt accusations, it should not have come to this stage. This episode has also shown that the current leader is emotionally unfit to engage with the community in a productive way and the best course of action is for him to be replaced and for the community to draw a line behind this episode. Joseph already gave us an ultimatum saying that either his compensation is increased or he leaves. Let’s make it easier for him.


Conditions of departure to be discussed. The suggestion is to find another key leadership figure whose forte is engaging with the community in a productive way and who can re-create a positive messaging around Sushi.


  • Yes, ask Joseph to step down
  • No, leave Joseph in charge

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At the same time, I demanded to restore my freedom in discord, and not to deprive my community members of SUSHI holders of free speech (I expressed dissatisfaction with the current CTO and was kicked out of discord by the CTO)


I believe that a very right community member was kicked out of discord by him. Can the team lift our restrictions?My discord account Jacobkaka#0869


I really don’t think this is the right to make this decision.
Especially if there is nobody else available that replaces him.

Getting Trident out should be the top priority for now.
His role as the CTO should be part of the restructuring beeing discussed in other topics.

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I think the CTO will continue to remain under the threat of the Trident, but this is wrong. If he continues to stay, he will not have a trident. On the contrary, he will have a trident if he leaves. We cannot destroy the entire SUSHI project just because of a trident.

CTO can be replaced. Sushi has 60 million dollars it can use to find a good replacement. He is not required

Ye a large number of people were unfairly removed (which bans you from a number of other discords also).
He removed our (Samurai’s) powers to unban, but we can get others who still have them to unban you or anyone else who was kicked out for asking a question.
Please just send me names. :pray:t5:


You are unbanned.
Invite in case you need:

Thanks, it still doesn’t work, I’m still banned.

My discord account Jacobkaka#0869

I am able to unban again, though cannot find you in the ban list anymore.
What happens when you try to join?

Thank you, thank you very much, although I can no longer enter to express my opinion, but with you, I believe SUSHI will get better and better!

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You are getting auto banned every time you join, maybe as a result of being added to a list.

At the same time, I hope everyone with a sense of justice can also be vigilant to prevent the current team, especially the CTO, from making crazier actions to undermine the SUSHI project. bless all of you!

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We will protect holders at every step.
You are the reason for our jobs and we will never forget it.
I will see what I can do for your account. Much love :pray:t4:

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@jacobkaka344 should be good now.

Note that inappropriate language is not tolerated. Thanks.


Providing context to an answer of no: I think we should hold this vote, but after we have more clarity on org. structure and ship Trident.

I don’t know what he’s really shipped but I don’t like CTO hang out too much time on twitter. Stick to social media is the bad signal for a great developer or CTO IMO.

Voted and just wait to see what’s next :slight_smile:


Good thing this happened. Good job everyone!