Shoyu.eth utilization

I have an ENS domain Shoyu.eth and I’m looking for a way to make good use of it on the Shoyu platform, or sell this domain publicly.

Does anyone have a good idea of ​​how to make good use of the Shoyu.eth domain?
I came up with the following.

  1. Selling subdomains(e.g. larvalabs.shoyu.eth) to each artist at a price of around 0.01-0.1 ETH
    1.1. I think it interesting to publish full on-chain generative art using subdomain strings. The artist may use the generative art as pfp. ( ref. Tiles)
    1.2. Artists on Shoyu can publish NFTs and make money based on their subdomains, thus the subdomain works like ID on Shoyu.
  2. Use the revenue of 1 to create and organize ShoyuDAO that curates NFTs generated on Shoyu.

Unfortunately I’m not an engineer so I’m not sure if these are technically possible.
I could have sold this domain, but I love Shoyu’s community and services, so I made this suggestion before that.
If there is not a good idea or my suggestion was shit, I’m thinking of selling my domain.

and I have Shoyu.crypto domain too.


Your suggestion is actually pretty good, relaying this to and see how we could leverage it.

Will have him ping you back asap


I want to discuss about it more on telegram. Can you ping me @levxio?


Okay, Ive send DM to you rn.

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Thanks for your support.

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I’d like to take this opportunity to add some additional explanation to my thoughts.

I believe that the ENS domain name functions as a “unique word book” on Ethereum.
And there is a way to make this work.
The first is that it can be used as a seed for generative art. This can be a good opportunity to reconsider the value of the ENS domain, which has not been recognized as valuable until now.
The second is that it could function as a common ID on multiple social networking sites.
The third is its function as a word book. For example, it would be an interesting effort to create a full on-chain of sentences created using only the ENS domain name. It would be nice to have a feature that allows users to create their own sentences using flash loans. Artifacts that are produced under certain restrictions are more likely to be creative.

I think that 1 and 2 would work well with the Shoyu platform, and although 3 is not related to Shoyu, I would be happy to see such a service appear in the future.

If anyone is interested in this idea, please put a like.


This is a good idea, any progress so far?

The team seems to be busy with the release of Shoyu at the moment and I understand that.
I have not received an answer yet, but I can still wait.

I would like to see this idea come to fruition, as providing pfp according to the platform could lead to community unity.
The subdomain string is also a statement of the community to which you belong.

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Just to summarize

  1. Selling xxx.shoyu.eth subdomains.
  2. shoyu.eth as seed for generative art
  3. Word book NFT project
  4. Sushi-specific pfp project

I like the combination of 1) 2) and 4). Allowing users to claim shoyu.eth subdomains, and generate profile pic NFTs based on the name. Maybe some abstract background and a person in front, in Sushi color palette.


And the revenue of selling subdomains can be used for creating ShoyuDAO IMO.
Curation DAO will add more value to NFTs and Shoyu platform.



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I and @Unagi had a discuss about this idea on discord
I leave it for the record.

#1 Accounts bundling
If we can make shoyu.eth domain bundle SNS accounts for unique identity into XXX.shoyu.eth,
that makes creators on Shoyu be able to drop NFTs for their fans on twitter, facebook,…
Imagine that NFT drops can be held on Twitter entirely.
This is a way to use the ENS domain like a contact book.
Creators and their fans do not have to care 0x-address.

#2 Metaverse address
ENS domain to an address on the metaverse
For example, Shibuya (on Shoyu metaverse) could be represented using the ENS domain as follows:
This will allow us to represent the address of the metaverse lands on Shoyu.
When Shoyu drop metaverse’s lands as NFT, you would be buy the land and bundled ENS domain.

if there is anything additional that needs to be explained, please write it down.

Also, as you may know, ENS domains are getting more and more attention, and are starting to be used in ways they have never been used before.


I realize the hidden value of ENS.
I will keep shouting for leting people awake.

Let’s think together.
I believe sushiswap’s big brain community.