Shoyu Grant Cancellation

I’d like to cancel my 35k SUSHI grant stream and there won’t be any renegotiation about the grant anymore.



  • Yes
  • No

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Voted no (as in you should receive the grant), I think you should be paid fairly for your work/investment in Sushi and the new NFT marketplace.


Strongly agree with @PandaMan420 why do you want to cancel it?


I’m unclear on what a NO vote does and what a YES vote does?

Yes = cancel?

No = don’t cancel?


Yes = cancel
No = don’t cancel

It’s kind of a burden for me. I just want to contribute by building.

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I believe folks should be paid for their efforts.

If it is a burden to, whatever their reasons, that is something to be considered and respected.

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I say we respect his decision and instead use the funds towards something that will improve his experience or what he is creating. Hire him a personal assistant, more testers, some sort of needed infrastructure, a custom commissioned NFT commemorating his contributions or at least a sushi-style PFP, etc.

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why not both? you can continue building but at the same time get paid for your great work!

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I think if anything came from today it’s the full support from the community for well paid devs and also that we want to set a high standard of compensation to attract great talent. As someone who deeply believes in this project I really hope you take the grant.

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If he doesn’t want the grant and truly just wants to build, well, a more altruistic person you would be hard pressed to find. Perhaps using that money to create some sort of scholarship fund or something to drive benefit towards an important non-profit would be fitting.


I think the grant is deserved and would like to see you take it.

But as you said, if its kind of a burden for you then your decision should be respected.

Voted for cancellation.

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What an awesome community. Wholeheartedly agree, the man should get paid for pushing the limits of innovation! Big love Levx

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