[SIGNAL] Integrate SafeSnap into Sushi


My proposal is to integrate SafeSnap module into Gnosis multisign which would allow on-chain execution of off-chain votes on Snapshot.

This proposal was made after conversations with @ross, @hhk and a few individuals from mainly Samurai group. It is a signal for now as we are looking for a good way to make sure those with high voting power stay aligned with the protocol and all ideas are welcome


As Sushi is evolving the need for improvement in governance is needed. Integration of SafeSnap into Gnosis multisign is the first step towards better governance of Sushi protocol.


This integration will save a lot of $ being used for gas as it is executing transactions on-chain from proposals where votes were aggregated on-chain. It is also more effective as voting results are being displayed in Snapshot under the proposal itself.


SafeSnap is Gnosis Safe module that combined with Snapshot allows on-chain execution of off-chain votes.

SafeSnap is using Reality verification module for smart contracts. Reality.eth is oracle which SafeSnap module framework is using, it enables on-chain proposal execution from anywhere. For example it can bring Discord polls on-chain.

More about Reality module

How to integrate SafeSnap into Sushi Snapshot?
Enable the reality module on your safe, then you update your Snapshot settings to add the SafeSnap plugin to Snapshot.
Documentation and tutorial
For more help, please contact Auryn

Some examples of projects using SafeSnap module
Notice the “Transaction” chart when you scroll down on a proposal.

Additional links

Learn more about SafeSnap
Learn more about Reality


This integration will allow on-chain execution of off-chain votes




  • Yes, for integrating SafeSnap
  • No, for integrating SafeSnap

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Nice proposal! So this mainly lowers hurdles for Gnosis Safe users to participate in Snapshot votes?! Sounds like a useful challenge to tackle.