SIMP #2 - Onsen

DFSocial is the token for the project DeFi Social Gaming. I would like to propose a WETH/DFSocial pair.

About DFSocial
DFSocial offers services from both industries; Staking and Farming (DeFi) by one side and earning while playing games (Gaming) For more details, please refer to our docs and join our Telegram. The project is already audited.


Yes, please, that would be great!

I love this proposal, will be useful to get new projects to seed their base liquidity on Sushi versus Uniswap. I am fundamentally against a burn as it is destroying value and an inefficient way to distribute rewards to Sushi holders.

I think the application fee should be in Sushi and distributed to xSushi holders in the bar.

Only modification I support is to increase the minimum TVL before applying to $10,000.

Hi, we’re from the RAMP team and looking to be part of the next batch of Onsen projects, may I know where can we submit our application.

More information on our project here:


I propose FTM to the Onsen menu. It just got added on Sushiswap, and it qualifies for every requirement there is.


Dear Sushi Community,

First of all, thank you so much for letting us partake in the discussions here, we’re incredibly excited about SushiSwap and the development community and protocols surrounding it.

We’d like to hereby propose to add Fantom to the next batch of candidates for the Onsen project evaluation. We believe that the token meets the criteria to be considered for the program, and would be excited to use this opportunity to integrate more tightly with the Sushi ecosystem.

Information about the project is available on our website at, or on the coingecko page for FTM at Fantom price, FTM price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko.

Furthermore, if there is a more suitable place to post such proposals, I’d be happy if any fellow SushiSwap community members could point us in the right direction.

Kind regards,
The Fantom Team.


Fantom has a active community, great team of devs and heavy business development would make it a awesome addition to onsen.


Actually, this is a very good idea ! Fantom and Sushi has been doing an awesome job !


I stand behind this proposal for Fantom.


I concur on the issue. Fundamentals of the project are really solid. What they developed over the year after mainnet launch is impressive. The whole DeFi suite with minting and trading synths and soon lending and cross chain value exchange. Also you would be hard pressed to find an equivalent project with same tech scope and business development. Check their recent Afghan government pilots; future proof project.

Beside SushiSwap is so much better than Uniswap (for many reasons) and I’ve been directing people towards it for quite some time.


God idea Michael, I have been using Shusi for a wail. Better than Uni.
Getting Fantom on Onsen will be a big plus for all.



Would be very much appreciated if Sushi community allowing Fantom to be part of Onsen . Thank you


Hi Sushswap team, I’d like to place a vote for Fantom to be on Onsen. Fantom is a fantastic defi project with real world solutions. Thanks.


Fantom would be a great choice.


SushiSwap Onsen Proposal for STAKE-ETH

Greetings to all SushiSwap community members!

We propose adding STAKE (STAKE-ETH pair) to the Onsen menu. STAKE already had a successful run in the “Chef’s Menu” on SushiSwap in the past. During this time liquidity peaked on November 8, 2020, with $674,044, and daily volume peaking on November 6th with $119,296. At the moment there are more than $1.2M USD worth of STAKE/ETH SushiSwap Vision on Sushiswap

STAKE is a staking and governance token used to protect the xDai chain. STAKE supports Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus, securing the payment layer and preventing malicious activities.

With the recent launch of the public POSDAO the broader community is now able to participate in the consensus as validators and delegators.

STAKE is actively traded mainly on decentralized exchanges. Current large liquidity pools:

  • Uniswap (STAKE/ETH) - More than 7 million
    #50 in terms of liquidity and #35 in terms of volume for 24 hours.

  • Balancer (STAKE/ETH) - More than 6.6 million

  • Sushiswap - (STAKE/ETH) - More than 1.2M

  • Honeyswap - (STAKE/HNY) - More than 200K
    #3 in terms of liquidity and volume for 24 hours.

STAKE was recently Greenlit by the Maker community as an asset for collateral prioritization. The vote passed by an overwhelming majority with 61,102.60 MKR Voting (99.83%) supporting STAKE; next the Maker Domain teams will assign a prioritization score for inclusion in the protocol.

To answer the questions:

xDai team is ready to provide the 1000 SUSHI or 2 ETH as an irrevocable liquidity provision.

The STAKE token is more than 14 days old as public trading started on 29.04.2020


Onsen Proposal for LIEN/ETH

We would like your team to add LIEN(LIEN/ETH) to the Onsen program!

  1. Liquidity: $800k on Uniswap
  2. Market Cap (circulating): $11M
  3. Lien token was launched in Aug 2020.
  4. Lien token is audited. Audit report is here.
  5. Contract is verified on Etherscan
  6. Lien token is listed on Coingecko
  7. We can send you ETH when you share an ETH address with us.


We would like to propose listing $FL (FL-WETH), the governance token of the Freeliquid Protocol. Freeliquid is a decentralized lending platform, focused on offering loans in the $USDFL stablecoin to liquidity providers.

Below, we are providing information necessary for listing on Onsen. Sorry for pasting most of the links as plain text but had to follow a restriction as a new user :slight_smile:

1 General info


White paper and Audit by Beosin Blockchain Security

Coinmarketcap: coinmarketcap. com/currencies/freeliquid/

Coingecko: coingecko. com/en/coins/freeliquid

FL contract: 0xffed56a180f23fd32bc6a1d8d3c09c283ab594a8

USDFL contract: 0x2b4200a8d373d484993c37d63ee14aee0096cd12

TVL: approx. $8 Mil as of March 24, 2021 (DeBank statistics, debank. com/projects/freeliquid).

2 Team

The core team remains anonymous for privacy and safety reasons. We are, however, open to a due diligence process from the SushiSwap’s side.

3 FL Tokenomics

Since Freeliquid is a fork of MakerDAO, FL is similar to MKR in many regards. The max. total supply is capped at ~1 Mil tokens, with mechanisms for generating or burning FL.

The whole supply (1 Mil) of FL is distributed through Reward programs to all users who add to liquidity of FL and USDFL pairs on Uniswap. By the end of March, approximately 800k of FL will have been already distribitued, representing 80% of total FL supply.

The rest 200k will be distributed throughout the 2021 with the Reward program ending in January 2022.

The main utility of FL is being the governance token of Freeliquid. Through FL voting, users can change different parameters of the Freeliquid Protocol, for example, adding new collateral pairs to the Borrow module.

4 Liquidity

$FL is listed on several centralized and decentralized exchanges:

Uniswap pairs + liquidity: info.uniswap. org/ token/0xffed56a180f23fd32bc6a1d8d3c09c283ab594a8

1inch pair: 1inch. exchange/#/FL/USDC. Also liquidity in FL-USDFL and FL-DAI pairs.

Tidex Exchange: FL-USDT, tidex. com/exchange/fl/usdt

Waves Exchange: waves. exchange/trading/spot/FL_USDT (liquidity to be added later). Also, adding FL liquidity pools on Swop Finance (Swop. fi) is in progress.

5 Social Media

Twitter: twitter. com/freeliquidUSDFL

Telegram chat: t. me/freeliquid

Telegram announcements: t. me/freeliquid_ann

Discord: discord. gg/cBqqB5yWWy

Media pitch deck: t. me/freeliquid_media


An ETH pair with our FL governance token is long requested by our community and we would happily use the services SushiSwap offers for adding pools through Onsen. We are of course prepared, as required, to add to SUSHI-ETH liquidity, as well as provide the initial liquidity to our own FL-ETH pool on Onsen.
The team of Freeliquid is open to any questions - feel free to contact us over admin[аt] freeliquid. io or simply here in messages or via the Telegram. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Alexander Briss from Freeliquid