Simplify as much as possible


First of all, I have to say i follow since the beginning SushiSwap’s adventure, and I’m really happy for what happened and how Sushi ecosystem is growing.

I would like to ask you something : is it possible to create an API or a contract, who use SushiSwap, to swap directly one coin against one coin, without MetaMask / WalletConnect …

I explain : I think the future of DeX is to be able to be use by a children without any knowledge, any tools and anywhere .
One example is :

  • Step 1 : Go to the website
  • Step 2 : The user select coins ( ex : ETH/SUSHI )
  • Step 3 : The website ask the API, and this API return a fixed rates with an ETH address
  • Step 4 : The user send to this address directly from his wallet ( Ledger / Trust Wallet … )
  • Step 5 : The API ( or another contract ) verify the payment, and send coins to the sender

To finish, something like Changelly / Simpleswap but with Sushiswap !

Thank you,

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