SLP token missing from USDC-WETH pool

around 100 days ago I added some liquidity to the USDC-WETH pool, but it looks like it is lost.
Looking at the Sushi Analytics the pool looks like it is still active: Pool 1 | SushiSwap Analytics . although it seems that it is hosted on , which is down.

Do you have any Idea how can I find my SLP tokens and remove the liquidity ?

Trying to add new USDC-WETH liquidity on sushi and change the url to remove does not work.

Thank you

You may have to go check on

A quick search of Twitter discovered this:

It appears that is no longer an active site.

Tank you @nickjrishwain for your time. What bugs me is that I’ve never used sushiswapclassic, but only . But it seems that sushiswap classic is the only way to reach that pool ((SushiSwap: MasterChef LP Staking Pool) and unstake my SLP. Which is kind of odd: that staking pool is still active (SushiSwap: MasterChef LP Staking Pool | 0xc2edad668740f1aa35e4d8f227fb8e17dca888cd), but where?

@nickjrishwain I solved it. Damn it drove me crazy. SUSHI has an infinite scroll that pops up many pairs, at the bottom of the list also mine. Well, I’m happy it turned out ok. Thank you again for taking some time to reply to this thread.

Take care

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Happy to hear you were successful. The whole crypto space can be frustrating. Helping out where we can is important!