Some advices for the next CEO

I hesitated a lot before posting this topic , I really see things are going well now and that there are several candidates for the position of CEO, and all of them have good qualifications
and in the end Sushi will finally have a good CEO after months of research and this is good news

I’ve been an active member in forum for a while ,I have published several important topics from my point of view, but then I stopped posting any new topics and just watched and followed the forum , because there was no interaction with my topics and no one cared about what I was writing
from many months ago, I nominated myself to CEO position in this forum,but no one contacted me and my request was ignored

In fact, although my request was ignored I didn’t care much about that and begin getting involved in the sushi community and was very interested in the Sushi project and its community. I thought and tried to analyze its problems and try to find solutions to them.
I have already collected many visions and ideas, some of them I have already posted on the forum.
I actually tried to get involved in the community and try to present my ideas that might be useful, but unfortunately the community didn’t care about anything I was trying to say

Now a new CEO of Sushi will be elected ,This may be a new beginning for sushi in which things may change to be better

actually I felt it was important to present some of my ideas and advice that I extracted from my participation in the community that might be useful to the next CEO.

If it’s not helpful, there’s no harm in posting it and it can be ignored , I had talked about most of these points before in my topics on the forum

Sushi faces many challenges and problems, I will try to summarize all that from my point of view
Sushi really has a great team on the technical side , but the non-technical aspect is incomplete
Human resources process is not clearly organized in sushi and there is no department for it , even if a talent in any field tries to join Sushi, he will find it difficult to do that, there is no clear way to present and display his abilities to sushi.

There is no financial or accounting department
Sushi does not have any advanced financial or accounting system never find any financial or accounting reports. There are no financial statements, budgets, financial plan, or any financial goals , This affects on transparency and makes the vision unclear and the administrative decisions are often inaccurate because it does not have accurate and complete data.

There is no strong marketing or clear marketing plan
Although Sushi has several products, the focus is only on one product while ignoring the rest of the products , There are no clear educational sources for the rest of the products, but they are unknown and have Japanese names, and therefore it is not easy for the ordinary user to take care of them.

Sushi has a great range of products , but in fact, it is not the best. There are many advantages in other decentralized trading platforms that we do not find in Sushi
I talked before about try to copy these features and put them in sushi but no one cared
It is also possible to copy the advantages of some central platforms , and I wasn’t the first one talk about it, there was a member in the forum talking about that before

Sushi needs development and other platforms have advantages that Sushi does not have
also, trying to copy the advantages of central platforms is a great idea from my point of view

Operations there is no department or employee responsible for operations

Governance process Sushi is having problems with it , Some members of the community tried before to improve it and made suggestions, but I think none of them were implemented
Also, regarding financial transparency and the establishment of a financial and accounting system, other things were mentioned in the forum by the team and some members, and in the end nothing was implemented.

Also, legal issues need to be resolved , All that I mentioned is known and discussed in the forum, and in the end no thing was implemented

Now we notice Sushi does not have a human resources department, no operations, no accounting and financial department, or a strong and effective marketing plan and products need to be developed and have legal issues

Most of what I mentioned was discussed in the forum , Nothing new or unknown

In fact, the team and the community provided good solutions for some of these problems and challenges , But none of them were ever implemented

Sushi really has a talented team and a strong community already knows all problems and also knows all solutions for these problems

And maybe some team members have the qualifications and experience to be the CEO
but everyone knows the difficulty of the problems and challenges and does not want to burn himself , so prefer to stay in his current position

In the past, the sushi community had bad experiences and take bad decisions, and there were many CEOs, maybe they don’t always make the right decisions

This made it difficult to decide any decision easily by the community

The next CEO of Sushi from my point of view
He should know that Sushi has a talented team and a strong community that has experience and knows what is problems are and has all the solutions for these problems .

The challenge is not in the technical, legal, financial or any other administrative aspect
The challenge is to be able to understand decentralized management and how to deal with DAO organization and in the same time, he can implement the right decisions and solutions that are known and already available by team and the community, but they are frozen.

he should committed to democracy and cooperation with the Sushi community and be able to deal with all members of the team and at the same time deal with the community, investors and any other parties and all of them of course have different opinions without ignore any point of view, opinion, or idea

Sushi needs a political leader who is able to understand and apply the principles of decentralization and at the same time be able to make the right decisions at the right times.
without breaking the rules of decentralization and this is difficult

The CEO not need to be the best one, or the most talented, or the most knowledgeable, because in the team and the community members maybe more capable and knowledgeable than he is , he might not be the best but he is definitely will be able to correct the path and to help the team and the community use and launch their energies and abilities to achieve success and stop freeze their ideas and solutions they offer

If he succeed in achieving this, he will succeed in his position and bring success to Sushi
If he doesn’t, he will burn quickly and sushi will also lose again

This is the real challenge is how to manage and include everyone without ignoring any party Sushi needs an intelligent leader, a good listener, and a first-class politician , the challenge is not technical or administrative, because the team and sushi community have the ability to solve these problems but always any solutions they offer remain frozen and never implemented

Sushi just needs a leader who is able to implement solutions which is already known but frozen without leaving decentralization and to be committed to democracy and at the same time push things forward
so he need to do two opposite things at the same time, and this is the real challenge
This is the real problem for sushi
It needs a leader who is able to achieve a difficult equation and do something and reverse it at the same time
Who can do that will succeed, and who can’t will get burned

This is just an opinion may agree with or disagree with, but I wanted to present it to the next CEO it might be useful to him.


Thank you for your great write-up, Mixmore. I agree with almost every single point you made. The next Sushi Head Chef (CEO) must be articulate, thoughtful, and operate with integrity and, safeguards the principles of decentralization, and doesn’t impose their will. As a head candidate myself, my foray into crypto was as an engineer contributing to a project focused on building network-based tools dedicated to decentralization, privacy, and data integrity (you can read the whitepaper on my LinkedIn page by clicking my forum avatar). These principles drew me to the Sushi HC opportunity, and I hope to influence the project to scale and thrive maintaining them as leading principles. As for your operational advice, I couldn’t agree more. There are a few areas for improvement, but nothing insurmountable. And Sushi has strong developer talent but needs a strong salesman to advocate for them to the market alongside a strong marketing plan. Thanks again for our post.


Hi @jaredgrey Thank you for your comment and interest
Potential candidates now will start talking about their ideas, answering questions and
interacting with the community so that each member in the community can decides who will choose before the final vote.
the candidate who knows more about the problems, solutions and history of sushi and has more information about sushi and what happened in the past and knows how team members and the community think ,and knows about the frozen solutions and ideas that were presented and never implemented

I think he will have a higher chance than the others because he will be more confident and know what he is talking about so he will be more convincing to the voters

This is logical because he will be full of ideas and can speak better than others because he knows more

If the selection process is really fair and transparent , the candidate with better information and ideas will win

The problem is that most of the potential candidates maybe they all have good qualifications and experience but they didn’t have enough opportunity to get involved in the sushi community for a long time, so they don’t know much about sushi

The solution to that is simple

The forum has many topics published in the past, carrying solutions, ideas and problems that sushi faced in the past, and also talking about problems faced by the former CEOs , Forum like sushi history book it tells a lot about what happened in the past

maybe most of the topics are just technical problems or just offers from companies that want to cooperate with sushi, These topics not useful now to waste time reading it ,There is no priority to read it

The important thing now is to read the other topics,There are many topics that were talking about important matters,

It is possible easily browse through the forum sections and from the titles know What is important to read now

There are topics that were talking about the governance process, and some members presented suggestions and a complete plan to modernize the governance process, which was not implemented, and other topics talk about financial transparency and topics that talk about big problems that Sushi faced in the past.and a lot of other things that talk about many things

who will reads will know a lot about sushi and can speak by better way

There are also the topics that I published and that anyone can access and read through my account, and from my point of view, some of them are very important, perhaps the most important thing that was published on Sushi

Of course, it takes effort, but I think this is important if one of the candidates wants to increase his chances of winning, to make more effort than the others.

If the selection process will be fair and transparent, who will spend more time and effort he will have a higher chance of winning I think this is logical

In the end, this is just an opinion, and I just want to help the sushi community with my opinions and ideas, and I am open to communication and help everyone


Mixmore. First, I’m sorry your interest in the role was not taken up… you have some great ideas! Sushi has a simple choice (all elections are a choice between stay the same or change). Do you blend effective management of people, resources and technology OR do you remain developer-led? Effective management requires the overhaul of key functions: a working Governance model to balance management leadership and community views, a proper Legal Structure, a strong Brand, Product focus, effective Marketing, a sustainable Business Model, Capital Planning, proper HR, responsible Finance and Accounting … all points I address in my proposal (here: Paul Walton_Sushi Head Chef Proposal). A CEO is the conductor of an orchestra, or sports team manager. S/he doesn’t need to be the best player; but they do need to set up the best team for success. (Having no female applicants is a weakness of this process, btw.) Such needs an experience manager from the Finance industry and not another Developer (you are an ‘exchange’, not a software platform…). If you agree, vote for me.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve spent quite a bit of my time over the past several weeks digging deep into Sushi’s forum and history to understand the failures and successes of previous Head Chefs and where I could bring improvements. I agree with you, and I think understanding the story and characters is helpful before putting forth new plans not to repeat any prior mistakes that hinder future growth. I have been around for quite a while, but mainly as a lurker. I ran a centralized exchange before my candidacy for Head Chef but needed a refresher on the rich history of Sushi. I appreciate your input, and I’ll keep digging deeper.

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Hi @Wally1 Thank you for your comment and interest
You mentioned important points,and the most important point you mentioned is that the CEO does not need to be the best player, but to be able to set up the best team
This describes one of the biggest problems in Sushi
The next CEO will need to build many departments from scratch and this will be a difficult task. Most of the focus now is on programming and developers more than anything else. No interest in building an integrated system

Strongly agree… You have great players, but no manager.


glad to see people in the community that care enough to right a discussion like this

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Good write up @mixmore. I agree we probably need someone with an operations background to fix some of these issues. I would hope this operational person would institute some form of accounting and financial department. In fact, I think a transparent dashboard might be helpful in this matter. We need to know what is coming in and what is going out. I suspect a real-time dashboard would be relatively simple and I think such a dashboard would be excellent for transparency. Not to mention the long term planning, burn rate, etc. Community can’t make decisions on new projects without knowing how each of them impact the treasury and “employees.”


Nick, I LOVE the idea of a treasury dashboard.