Some ideas for development

Ideas about adding some features to Sushi Swap platform might be help in developing the platform

1.Possibility of use multiple themes dark or light
Light theme is more comfortable for the eyes and many prefer it
dark if you focus for long time on the screen it becomes tired for the eyes

2.Buy cryptocurrencies and add it to wallet
To be able to buy cryptocurrencies and add to wallet through various payment methods like Visa and Credit Cards

Add possibility to deal in a P2P way in platform

Another idea

Create a trial website similar to sushi
It is similar to the original site but trading on it are not real it is for for training purposes only
through it users training on sushiswap and try new products without fear of making mistakes

also if sushi team want to build any new idea It can be launched first on trial website and watching what happens

this will make sushi safe when implementing any new idea and able to try any ideas without any problems

This trial website will attract many users want to train on trading so it will make sushi more popular

At the same time, Sushi will receive a lot of ideas and opinions from the trainees, which will contribute to improving the platform


Adding the possibility of receiving notifications via e-mail and the ability to control in what you receive, each user is interested in receiving certain notifications from Sushi platform
this makes users able to follow the Sushi platform in an easier way
and also maybe he wants to perform a certain operation when a certain thing happens

notifications will make this easy

because he knows the latest changes as soon as they happen through the notifications that sent to him on email


The ability to automate some operations
like example swap done when the selected coins I want obtain reach a certain price or gas price range within the required range

platform can send Notifications to you to approve transaction or you choose to do it automatically without sending notifications

This is just example Many things can be automatic user can also automate many other things

user sets standards when achieved certain things are done automatically

This is a feature will be very good addition from sushi


I suggest adding section in Discord and Forum for new ideas that can be useful to sushi and also for brainstorming that creates new visions
In this section, any member can publish any good idea in the field of products, marketing, management or anything else