Some things need improvement

I want to talk about some things that in my opinion need improvement


markting in Sushi is not the best
just discord and twiterr work by good way and no thing else in marketing tools works optimally
there is no good use of marketing tools such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other marketing tools

I think there is no marketing plan or vision to make sushi more popular and no effort to introduce sushi products to users
Sushi have many products like shoyunft,Kashi,MISO,BentoBox,Onsen,MEOW,sushi Bar and other
In YouTube and the Internet, you will never find a good, easy or simple explanation for these products
Any user who uses SushiSwap when he sees these products he wants to understand them well how to use them and what are their advantages

So he begins to search through YouTube and the Internet to learn more about it
he does not find enough material to explain, so he ignores it as if he does not see it

Mostly he will not go to Discord to ask about it, he will simply ignore it completely
this is the nature of humans they always want things to be easy and accessible

Therefore, without good marketing, it focuses on introducing the features of the products that sushi makes no product is important, even if it is good

Even if you build the best platform in the world, the results will not be the best because the audience does not know how to use it, they don’t even know it exists

Some may say sushi is well-known and does not need marketing
In fact, even very famous companies have strong marketing and sushi is known only in Swap while the rest of products are unknown to many It needs to be known by the users

It needs a plan to explain the products on YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin
and all marketing tools in an easy way, as well as a plan for marketing sushi and its products

Personally, although I am interested in the crypto world, I have never heard about shoyunft before I enter the forum

The public should know more about sushi products, this means more profits

Accounting and finance

I think Sushi, like many companies, focuses only on the technical side management believes that if build a great product, it is enough and can achieve success through it

This is inaccurate thinking. The non-technical aspect is also important Sushi needs to build a financial, accounting and operations system
A system that is capable of control, extracting accurate reports,and help setting a plan for the development of sushi

Now I am sure that there is no accurate information about the true value of sushi, or accurate
information about any financial information or ability to extract accurate reports related to the non-technical aspect because there is no accounting,financial and operations system

The technical side of sushi may be strong, but the non-technical side of sushi is very weak

Building a strong financial, accounting, operations and human resource capable of helping Sushi achieve many goals
and it lifts the burden on technical team, making it focus on technical tasks only


Sushi really has good products, which, if there is strong marketing, can get big share in market

However, the products need to be developed
There are many things and advantages that can find in other platforms that can’t find in sushi

We need to copy any feature of any popular platform into sushi and not only that, we also need completely new ideas

If sushi plans to be in a better place, should offer everything that others offer, plus other things that others don’t.

Some may say that this requires a lot of money, time, effort and a huge team,and this is difficult to provide
In fact, there are innovative solutions and easy ideas that can do a lot with little money

The first step is to set a plan and goal and be clear
How to achieve it with limited financial resources is the second step
A plan can be made to achieve this

IMO, a good product usally doesnt need any marketing in the beginning. People talk. And currently, I would appreciate transparency more. (for example: I harvested my farm (whatever happened) - now my harvest is gone. Transactions is a no-show in my wallet. I got SLP for some reason, which is a no-show in my wallet - while it shows on the web front end). I think for ppl like me (newbie), this is very confusing. Which in essence is not too bad of an issue BUT not being capable to solve the issue transparently is a nogo. We are talking money in the end of the day. So, I would love to see more UI Tools to help troubleshooters and fixers to solve issues on my own without having to rely on Forums. Afterall, Sushi Swap is supposed to run autark. So, making sure all process steps can be tracked, traced, repeated and if possible cancelled would be nice.

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regarding marketing, the products are amazing but maybe integrating rewards such as various nfts for xsushi stakers to incentivises them more and create a mini open market for trading them

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