Staked Sushi amount not loading in Chrome

I am having issues seeing my staked Sushi. For some reason it’s not loading. Can somebody please help?

Many thanks

this is how it looks for me but not loading.

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I already cleaned browser data etc. Would love it if anybody can help me.

Hello all, I just recently added liquidity to the YPIE/ETH pair. I was granted 18.026 SLP tokens and I have been attempting to stake them. I am using BRAVE browser and MetaMask. I have approved the transaction for staking (did it twice!) and now I am attempting to stake. However, when I go to the Stake Link, it fails. Is this a known bug? Any help is much appreciated.

Pazzekalle, I am having the same problem with the YPIE-ETH pair. It will not let me stake my SLP tokens, I have 18.026. The program sees them, but when I click stake, it fails… in the approve link it just spins. Were you using Metamask and what browser? I was using BRAVE with Metamask.

Hi guys,

Head on over to #bugs-and-fixes or #support in the discord. @pazzekalle I have just pushed a fix that should resolve your staked Sushi issue, the problem was that the UI was treating a 0 balance as a loading state. This should have been resolved now.

To note, when you guys ask for support please also include the current urls you are using, this helps us better track down where in the interface you are experiencing issues - thanks again

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