Staking Basics Help

Hi everyone,

Love the project and I usually jump into things and research later. I have my tokens staked and have no idea why or how I’m paid interest. My basic knowledge is that SUSHI is distributing its fees to stakers. What I can’t understand is why do they do that instead of keeping the money earned to reinvest in the project.

Can someone please enlighten me with a few basics of this particular staking mechanism?

Hi Narile, here is a lot of information:


A portion of the trading fees are rewarded to sushi stakers yes. Sushiswap is a community focused platform with the goal of providing more value to sushi holders. In a sense, by distributing fees amongst SUSHI stakers, they ARE reinvesting in the project. This is roughly explained in two mechanisms.

  1. Sushiswap incentivizes SUSHI holders to stake their tokens on the platform with trading fee APY. This reduces selling pressure as SUSHI holders will want to stake their tokens to take advantage of the fee accrual.
  2. The reduced selling pressure drives positive price action, both increasing the value of individual tokens held by stakers and the tokens given as rewards by Sushiswap. This positive price action makes the LP incentives (provided in the form of SUSHI tokens) more attractive to liquidity providers, which increases the TVL of Sushiswap and decreases the slippage on trading these pairs.

All this together provides a net positive value to both SUSHI holders, SUSHI stakers, and the sushiswap team.

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I have staked on with my Wallet
I have put in 50 Sushi in order to get Cakes.
I missed the Finish block on the 4th of March 2021.
Now the Project disappeared on
How can I get my 50 Sushi back?

Or is the money gone forever?
Please help me.