Staking failed? My ETH gas is gone but my Sushi didn't stake

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this, hoping someone can help me to understand what has happened, bit of a noob here.

I have Sushi in Coinbase Wallet, I connected it to the SushiSwap interface on Chrome at SushiSwap Interface. I attempted to stake from there, approved the transaction through the site and wallet, and received a completed transaction notice from Etherscan. The ETH gas fee has been taken from my wallet, as expected.

Now, when I try to check for the xSushi on the app at SushiSwap, it does not show my wallet balance of Sushi, nor the staked Sushi. I read another post on this forum about someone having trouble viewing their xSushi balance on Chrome, so I attempted to also view in Microsoft Edge browser, and the app still shows 0 Sushi balance, and the lines for staked Sushi are grayed out.

It also does not show any locked Sushi, which leads me to believe the transaction to stake has failed? Now I’m stuck, unable to stake my coins, and less my original gas fee. What happened?

Will you share the txn?

Hi Maka, thanks for the response. Ok if I pm it to you?

For sure, you can also join the discord and get help from me, or someone with a “position” there. To limit risk (

Though you are fine to dm here if you prefer, or don’t use discord.

I only have Discord on pc, at the moment. PM sent.

I’m just learning, but from looking at the transaction details, it seems like maybe what you said in response to my post on a similar thread might be true, that I only approved them for staking?

Still haven’t been able to actually get the tokens to show up in the app. I can’t figure out a way to stake them at all, from Coinbase Wallet. Is there any fix for that? I’m being eaten alive by fees and already have 2 wallets, having made Coinbase Wallet specifically to stake these tokens. I really don’t want another one!!!

Have replied to pm, and yes that’s what happened.

Coinbase wallet has had some issues. And when you say signed up for, you mean you created a “coinbase wallet” and not that you signed up to coinbase and have a wallet there?

I assume former since I can see your tokens in the address you sent me.

This is the Token contract address: 0x6b3595068778dd592e39a122f4f5a5cf09c90fe2
Double check here: $16.07 | SushiToken (SUSHI) Token Tracker | Etherscan
Most wallets have an option to add one, and that way you can see the token from the wallet as well.

To save gas fees you can port your coinbase wallet to metamask with your seed.