Staking on Sushibar Analytics question

Good evening all,

I’m very new to the defi space but love what I have researched so far. I have a question if i’m “doing it correctly” because on the analytic’s page it says my “address is not staking.”

  1. Sushi from metamask into sushi bar. Received x sushi.
  2. Put xsushi + eth into xsushi-eth pool. Received lp token.
  3. Found xsushi-eth pool and staked lp token.
  4. Wait for like 5 years.

So…does the analytics page show i’m not “staking” on Sushibar because i’m using my xsushi for yield farming?

Thank you!

You have to stake the xSushi into the Sushibar after turning your Sushi into xSushi.