Staking Sushi using Coinbase Wallet

I have been trying to stake my Sushi coins by connecting to my Coinbase Wallet but once I get to the staking page I am unable to stake my coins. Is there something going on with the Coinbase Wallet connect? Thanks for the help:)


I have the same issue. My Coinbase Wallet is connected and shows the ETH available, but nothing shows up for the Sushi in the account.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Interesting. In my case if I go to my Sushibar I see my coins but when I click on “Approve Staking” it won’t stake. Are you having that problem?


I am having this issue too… for the past several days…

for sushi staking, maybe try use metamask or

Last week Sushi swap did have a notice that they were dealing with issues concerning the Coinbase Wallet but that has since been taken down. In any event, if I am eventually able to stake my coins I’ll be sure to let you know. Hope you are well.

Hey Craig. I created a Metamask acct and sent my Sushi coins there and had no problem staking. Let me know if you have any questions.

And thanks Ariel for the advice!

I would prefer not to create a separate account. Is there any update on when this might be fixed? I can see my Sushi coins in my Coinbase wallet, but when I click approve staking, nothing happens. I have been trying for two weeks!

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I was never able to get an answer about why I couldn’t stake from my Coinbase Wallet so I switched over to Metamask. It was not difficult to set that up, if you are eventually willing to make the switch.

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I’m having this same issue, I tried staking through SushiSwap Interface, approved the transaction, and received a completed transaction detail on Etherscan. But, my Sushiswap did not stake, and does not show up in SushiBar. They did take my ETH gas fee though, that’s definitely gone.

Anyone know what’s going on with this yet?

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Welcome, yea possible you just confirmed future transactions. That costs gas but only happens once. You could share the transaction hash and I can look, thou I understand if you’d rather not.
Otherwise go though the transaction yourself in a block explorer, and see if you can work out exactly what happens all the info will be there.

Hi, it’s a coinbase wallet issue. If you import the wallet into metamask, it should work.

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Same thing happened to me this morning! How idiotic!

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Is there hope that Sushi will be added back to the Coinbase wallet?

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Btw guys, for people who are suffering with the coinbase wallet, looks like unlike their mobile app, the PC browser extension that can be tied to the phone app works, check it out.

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cold wallets are always a best option.


Continuing the discussion from Staking Sushi using Coinbase Wallet:

Hi Maka, sorry to bother you, I had Sushi in my Coinbase Wallet and I went the Sushibar to stake the Sushi. It appears that the transaction want through however it does nor appear that the Sushi was actually staked. I have tried to resolve the problem on my own, however I cannot figure it out. I found that I am having the same issue as describe in the above post. As you offed previously to help someone else I hope you might be able to do the same for me. If I send you the transaction hash would you look at it for me?

Sounds like you just approved the tokens for transfer.
Can you look at the transaction in block explorer, it will say under contract interaction.
(Yea you can send it)

Approvals need to be done the first time your wallet interacts with a contract with a type of token.

Eth for example doesn’t need approval, but if you wanted to swap usdc, you would first approve, and from then on you could swap when you wanted to.

First time you stake sushi, you approve, then after that you can just stake.

Same for many actions with smart contracts on ethereum style blockchains.

Sushi don’t set or collect gas fee paid for approvals to be mined.

Hi Maka,

Thanks for your response. Below you will see the four transaction hashes associated with what I am trying to do.

When I am in explorer I can see my transfer from Coinbase shows transfer.

The other three transactions show Approve, but I cannot see how I can approve them.

Thanks again for your willingness to help out.





Hey, you have 3 approvals.

Please don’t approve again, as it will just waste gas.

Approvals look very obvious in the wallet:

So reject if it looks like that.

From the stake page, can you try hitting the lock icon top left of url address bar, removing any cookies, and restarting the browser.
Does the button say stake/deposit, or approve?
When you click the button, does the transaction that appears look as above, or does it look like a transfer of tokens.

If it looks like an approval, don’t confirm it.