Sushi 2.1 - Introduction of a Community Oversight Committee

So a month in this is where we stand: the gitbook linked above is ready to be put in front of the major stakeholders. I have tried reaching out directly to several (@BoringCrypto on discord, @9x9x9 via DM on twitter and friend requests on discord, Arca (@Alex17 doesnt have DMs on but other analysts have and Ive sent them messages to no avail). So whenever they eventually are ready to discuss and if any team member wants to introduce me I’m here and ready.

As for the gitbook linked above, there are several sections:

Section 1.0 This is largely just lifted directly from the governance section of the documentation page on and then cleaned up and organized in a better manner so if the team wants to implement this to replace the current page they can do so immediately if they like. The only caveats:

  1. Items under section 1.1 could use some proofreading by the team to ensure accuracy
  2. item 1.2.2 Internal Review shouldnt be included until section 2.0 passes its snapshot.

Section 2.0 This section is the COC and will need its own dedicated snapshot. Upon the successful passing of the snapshot for this section, this will be added to the documentation section of the website and then item 2.3.1 Election process (specifically the open call for COC member nomination & voting) will commence.

Section 3.0 This section is a bit of an errata right now. I just tried my best to define an org structure and what each position is responsible for, who should have multisig rights, etc so its still open to debate. Its meant to be more an example of what we could put in this section vs a formal proposal. I would imagine we would want to get a head chef in the seat first, then they can bless the org structure and we can cement it with its own snapshot. Technically item 3.2 Compensation Committee has already been ratified by the vote for Sushi 2.0 so we could include just this part for the time being.

Im here and ready to discuss this so get at me.


Thanks for your work sir, looks great.

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This is a great job and effort @pocketsquare
In my opinion it can be a good starting point for sushi and later can be built on it
I’m just normal member in sushi community and I’m not in a sushi team and not in major stakeholders
But I appreciation your work and I think it is important point

But I have an opinion
there is no need to wait for get head chef in the seat first to build the org structure
If good candidate appears and suitable to any role and sushi community see he is good
he works for trial period if he is good he is included in the team
and there is no need to wait head chef

Because it is not guaranteed to find head chef acceptable by sushi community this is very difficult
because Sushi in the past has gone through hard experiences that make head chef appointment decision not easy to take

even if sushi community get head chef I think after short period of time he will be gone
and sushi community will change him

So the sushi plan should be flexible not build on waiting for something

I see things now are going well and sushi community is trying to solve problems without waiting for leadership and indeed begin be successful in doing that

In the end once again, thank you for your great work

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Read the all hands notes from toshokan. It says:

2. Community Oversight Committee
Pocketsquare’s document was shared with investors. More information needed on the roles, responsibilities, level of involvement and influence that the COC members will have”

Have not heard this directly from anyone so if someone can elaborate on whats needed we can discuss. As it stands the community oversight section is already quite detailed including a “roles and responsibilities” section but we can always add if someone needs more specifics