Sushi Ad Proposal


Youtube Video Draft

I created this video for the Sushi Community, hoping for 1 Eth to complete edits on the project.

I did not attempt to ‘polish’ or add finishing touches to this video. It is rough.

Credentials -

I’ve created documentaries, music videos, animations in 2d and 3d.
Can record multiple instruments/voiceovers


I have many Sushi projects and ideas, but I need an easy win so I can keep being creative


1 month of edits until the video is complete. Release of the assets created (animations, voiceover, transitions) as an NFT for future Sushi Projects


You like what I made


You don’t like it? Please provide feedback!

  • I’m excited!
  • I’m not convinced.

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The script that I based this off of

0-5s Liquidity pools

‘Behold, the new face of finance. You.’

Earn .25% on all trades proportional to your share of the pool

Provide Liquidity, Harvest the rewards

5-10s Swap for newest Crypto

Efficient Gas Usage

Cross-network compatibility

15-25s Crypto, Community, Sushi


Decentralized Finance

Logo + the audio snippet