Sushi Art Class of 2021

Crypto art is the soul of the industry, pushing us forward and brigthening our days.
The unfortunate reality is that only few people can live from sales in the form of NFTs as well as the speed of growth in the market making it scary to leave other opportunities behind to focus on crypto art exclusively.
I propose to alleviate these struggles by launching the Sushi Art Class of 2021, giving out 5 scholarships of 60k USDC per annum for ambitious artists to push this part of our community forward.
To be funded are new advances in interweaving crypto and art, personal development and community outreach.
The funding for a 1 year period shall provide the security artists need to plunge themselves into this exciting world.
SushiSwap has no expectancy for this project except for one piece of work to be presented by the artists as an addition to the Sushi Gallery at the end of the scholarship. The Sushi Gallery will be safeguarded by the SUSHI OPS wallet and displayed in a to be determined digital universe.
The jury shall consist of Sushi core team members and angels of the NFT universe.

  • Yes, all the crypto art
  • Not this time

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I love this idea. Can we please pursue this?


How about sponsoring art initiatives? We are doing some workshops in Honduras to teach artists to sell NFTs and the top ones will be sold in an auction (100% of the profits go to the artists)

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Though the outcome should be more than a single piece of work. IMHO, the artists should be teaching incoming artists a general theory of decentralized finance. That’s how I have made it at least up to this point.

I support this proposal. I think:

  1. The 5 scholarships at 60k USDC per annum is totally agreeable.

  2. The only stipulation being 1 piece presented for the Sushi Gallery by the end of the scholarship is totally fair.

  3. This could lead to a virtuous cycle, where SushiSwap fosters culture and then benefits from that culture in a range of ways, round and round. If this is a new Renaissance, being an epic and respected patron in that Renaissance could have major lasting positive effects.

  4. If ever needed, I volunteer to serve on the described jury. I’m writer of the Metaversal NFT newsletter, an NFT user, and an artist, so I feel I’d be a good fit to contribute, and it’d be a pleasure personally.

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I have been trying to figure out if it would be feasible for school-aged kids to create NFTs of Artwork they could use to earn programming lessons for kids (CodeAcademy or similar).
I know this is a completely different topic / idea, so not to attach that idea to this, but since it is related to art, I thought I would throw it out there incase someone has an idea how to make something like that work for kids as a different effort.

This sounds great, perhaps an online art showing by the graduates and a commemorative NFT voted in by the sushi community to celebrate every year

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Yes I’ll be the judge.


While I love the idea of art scholarships, I think sushi funds would be better spent on actual marketing. I haven’t seen any concentrated marketing efforts in relation to getting the word out about BentoBox, Crosschain adaption with Matic, etc, which is unfortunate because those are big accomplishments that should be publicized. Just my 2 cents.

I think this is a great idea.

We’re going through a crazy moment of human and tech transformation in DeFi. DAO institutions supporting the visual culture that surrounds them is a form a marketing, building a sensibility for the outside world that reflects the wisdom that we all see daily here.

Said well below, too. Cheers!

+++ on this initiative

Would also be great to potentially have the Sushi Gallery have periodic auctions to raise funds for either Public Goods or specific charitable initiatives (thinking recent push for India COVID efforts as an example) - artists can opt in to have their works selected for such purposes etc. (this could be a longer time frame dynamic)


Sounds great!
Im a crypto artist im just getting started iv been doing some pixel art character i would need to be part of this to do a zoom meeting snd touch base on this stuff if possible
Thanks guys
Love sushi

This is a brilliant idea and needless to say we’d love to throw our hat in the ring!

Check out our proposal: Sushido - a sushiswap-inspired nft series - General Discussion - SushiSwap

During the community call yesterday, I expressed some opinions towards this.

First, $60k is a generous annual salary, and we are proposing this to go to 5 individuals. The expectation of 1 piece of art is extremely low IMO.

I am not sure that the community would see the benefits from the value of the grants vs the output required for the art. We could hire 5 amazing artist full time for that price, and could have them marketing and promoting Sushi all over the place.

I think this proposal is geared towards philanthropy, so I can appreciate that. I understand the value that can bring, and inspiration it can inspire. So with if this is the goal, then I would propose something more along the lines of 5 grants at $6k, and then have the ability to open up more grants later on if this is a success.

This could turn out to be an incredible engagement for the community, and inspire artists to get involved, and promote the arts in crypto. So let’s start small at first, and see where this can go. I feel like allocating $300k for a new concept with low delivery requirements over a year time period is a bit over the top. These types of loose ended grants can be abused.

Let’s try something small, and if we see success, these Grants could grow into something spectacular.


Agree with Tangle, we should start with a smaller amount