Sushi From a gas to a liquid to a gas and back to a liquid

I dont have anywhere close to the business or financial background or intelligence of anyone here. i will throw my spaghetti at the wall. Sometimes i will use italics for the important notes (sometimes i will use as i cant decide which looks more professional) i have retyped this a few times so if something doesn’t make sense hopefully the idea can shine through or spark a flame on your interests.

I have coined it Sushi Nori
step 1. run sushi at clear and very known loss make all troubles well known.
step 2. use googles/chainlinks rng to select one of the mss from the op or treasury.
step 3. blind fold the luck winner give them a dart to throw weekly at a random idea board. here are some to get you started.
step 4. setup a dao vote for optics.

Sushi Nori Board Ideas

  1. buy ronco market new knives that double as a hardware wallet.
  2. add a burn mechanic while supply stays generally the same could also increase who would know. basic math and login and reason is not common.
  3. buy ronco market new showtime cooker that instead chills sushi.
  4. secretly run crypto news dapps heavily favoring sushi. while also selling ads the more popups the better.
  5. buy ronco market actual sushi branded nori and bundle with everything.
  6. new token based on whatever flavor of the week tokennomics that are working according to ai datasets.
  7. invent new flavor of the week from above. (if already own ronco also release as a cooking sauce)
  8. patent the words moreover and furthermore license them as crypto cannot operate without them.
  9. develop tools for other web 3.0 startups or as they should be called IDLERS make them open their wallets. NOT A PYRAMID SOUDNS LIKE IT BUT ITS NOT TRUST ME
  10. hire from fiverr have some promotional videos for products coming in the fewture.
  11. buy ronco bring out sushi+only fans co-branded battery operated devices that also double as a hardware wallet. (this is real utility*2^32)
  12. buy ronco increase pay of new headchef adding job description face of infomercials.
  13. take a page from history and bring back top 50 style websites.
  14. buy ronco revamp pocket fisherman with built in hardware wallet bundle it with a sushi nori. (this is a no brainier you welcome)