Sushi Governance

Hi folks!

I am a researcher working at the Metagovernance Project with Michael Zargham. We are a research collective working with different legal and academic scholars to help make governance better and more transparent for the entire blockchain ecosystem. You can find more information about us here: 4.

Currently, we are working on collecting data of different governance models that exist within the blockchain ecosystem to understand how they compare with each other. Govbase is an open, crowdsourced database that features projects and tools in online governance. The data is open and can be viewed here: Airtable - Govbase

We would like to invite SushiSwap to participate. Currently, we are collecting data on what tools are being used by organizations to govern themselves. I was wondering if you could share some of the tools or projects (for example, Slack, IRC, Github, DAOs, etc.) you rely on to conduct your internal governance processes and briefly explain how these tools are used.

All data and analysis will be made public at the end of the assessment period.


Hi Brody! Looks like a great initiative! We use Discord, Twitter, Discourse, Telegram, Snapshot, Github here at Sushi. Discord, Twitter, and Telegram are mainly used to manage communities and the latter for intra-team communication. Discourse is currently used for general discussions and initial proposals (temperature checks). Snapshot is the place where final voting on proposals happens. Only proposals posted by core are binding as of now.


Thanks a lot! This is super helpful :slight_smile: