SUSHI in metamask and on Binance Smart Chain mainnet?

Hi there.

Not sure that this is the proper forum for this. So apologies if I’m in the wrong place, feel free to just ignore this then instead of roasting me. =)

I used Binance Bridge to transfer some SUSHI from Eht mainnet to Binance Smart Chain mainnet. Something went wrong with the transaction and I’m trying to find out what. Binance support is like months away so that’s why I’m here.

I guess my first question really is, can you have Sushi on Binance Smart Chain mainnet? Can’t seem to add that token in metamask?

Cheers and thanks, an apologies if I’m in the wrong place.

There is a support channel on discord. There is a BSC token, issued by Binance that represents SUSHI (that you should get when you use the bridge), which is here: Binance-Peg SushiToken (SUSHI) Token Tracker | BscScan

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