SUSHi integrating Across

Sushi has been a pioneer in multi-chain or cross-chain protocols, currently deployed in 16 different networks and counting. By integrating Across in Sushi, allowing L2<->L1 asset exchange, allowing users to move freely between multiple networks, this will help unleash the power of Sushi.

Across protocol is a novel bridging method that combines an optimistic oracle, bonded relayers and single-sided liquidity pools to provide decentralized instant transactions from rollup chains to Ethereum mainnet.
Across is the fastest, cheapest, and safest bridge between L1 and L2, supporting Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Boba and Ethereum mainnets. We have already launched V2 and will support more networks.

Learn more about Across here:
Developer Documentation : Welcome to Across - Across v2
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Discord: Across Protocol
TVL: $43.9M and counting
Total bridge transfers: $268.3M and counting

Across will help the Sushi community implement this integration for free to help the Sushi team make this work as easy as possible.

Unlock a new feature in DeFi to make Sushi remain one of the top innovators in the space.

Too much work and effort with not enough benefit

  • YES: SUSHI integrates Across to bring better experience to multi-chain users
  • NO: It doesn’t make sense for SUSHI

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