Sushi Launchpool

Hi Guys ,
I was looking at the Binance Launchpool and Pancake Swap Syrup Pools on BSC and then I, got an idea to have discussion on creating an Launch pool for Sushi. Wanna keep things simple so I , decided we should just have an pools where users can stake their xSushi tokens to earn New underlying project tokens with much higher APR. I am not talking about copy pasting the Pancake Swap syrup pools concept but here we can also make changes like Fixed term pool which will only let users stake there xSushi tokens for limited time once the time is up pool will be locked and start farming the tokens for xSushi Stakers , we can also have limit for staking like 100xSushi per wallet can only be staked.

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This idea could work in theory if you think about it but consider the BSC chain is centralized so funding is easy to get for those kinds of launches and also to my knowledge sushi doesn’t and won’t have any projects launching under it that have a unique token, and more tokens does not always improve a system, sometimes it just adds clutter.

I like the idea of creating a system to lunch a project, it might need some fine-tuning to work. It could also include direct investment from sushiswap treasuries in projects that could help to grow the sushi ecosystem but this last part could be more complex to make it happen in decentralized governance.

Agree on this but here we do not need a new token we will only allow xSushi tokens to be staked and and sushi will not allow them to raise money will be just be like an reward pool where users can stake their xSushi tokens and get some new upcoming tokens. Everyone dont understand the concept of LP staking as that leads to impermenent loss. So launching these type of pools can help some people who dont want to be an LP but love farming new coins.