Sushi Night Concert

I have an idea for :sushi: lovers ! As a musician who is new to Crypto, I am looking for a network of people who have the same passion as me which is :violin: Music and Crypto. So if you have Sushi and you love music please let me know if you are interested in a “Virtual Sushi Concert Night” where people can chill with a plate of sushi and enjoy music.
After all we all deserve this.


I have been learning for a while, when I am ready I will contact you! :saxophone: :violin:

I’v been learning for about 16 years, Violin, Viola and my girlfriend plays the Cello. We are ready to do it ! maybe you could help wiht :saxophone:


I would love to, but I’m not ready yet. I think by the end of this year I will be able to start. We talk in the future.

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Where are we streaming this Twitch? Youtube? Happy to support a Sushi Night Concert it sounds amazing.


Perfect ! We will be in touch through Twitter and i will post my proposal here in the forum :sushi:

We are ready to play , we can stream it on Youtube . Just pick a date !