Sushi Officilal Telegram Bounty sale Real or fake?

The Sushi Telegram with over 11k+ m3mbers has on it PIN post a Bounty sale
how true is it? Is it a Scam or not.
below is a copy of the PIN Post message.:
Kastrye Sushi, [27.03.21 10:04]
Bounty Sale
Greetings everyone, In respect of the progress made by our Sushiswap protocol, we the project’s Governance team would like to congratulate you the community for making this happen, and thank you all for your constant support. To show appreciation we are releasing one million SUSHI token up for bounty sale.

1 ETH = 200 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

5 ETH = 1000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

10 ETH = 2000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

20 ETH = 4000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

50 ETH = 10000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

100 ETH = 20000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

200 ETH = 40000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

500 ETH = 100000 SUSHI + Bounty Bonus

This is the contract address for Buying/ purchasing from bounty.

all purchases MUST be from an Erc20 enabled wallet so you can receive your SUSHI tokens automatically after you send the equivalent amount in ETHEREUM to this Bounty smart contract address.




Ensure to add this contract address as custom token to your erc20 compatible wallet

Symbol: SUSHI
Decimals 18

Accepted payment: ETH

Ensure to confirm the contract address from this pinned message before sending

There are no limits to amount of transactions; you can send any amount of eth to purchase. Remember, transactions are automated and bounty ends as soon as amount released for the bounty is exhausted. Gather your coins

What do you think? Take a wild guess…

Standard scam. Shame.