Sushi on Avalanche - Ways to Support

Good Day,

Recently I have been using Avalanche and saw that Sushi has made a move to the new network. I have been helping Snowball (a yield optimizer) on Avalanche and figured that it may be beneficial to support Sushiswap in its transition. They already have an Avax-Sushi Pool that is being incentivized on Pangolin.

Would it be beneficial to support a specific pair for Sushi on the Pangolin network to help spur additional liquidity and trades? Which pair?

Currently the community portal for Snowball is We have a little $15 Million TVL in less than two weeks of launch. I believe Snowball is looking to continue its growth. Would love to be a part of supporting the Avalanche Ecosystem by supporting Sushi.

The current team and community can be found primarily on Discord
However, they are also on twitter under @throwsnowballs

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