Sushi POG Sponsorship ETHDenver 2022

Sponsor POAPathons efforts for making Sushi POGs and Slammers which will be distributed and handed out at ETHDenver 2022. Suggesting $2000 Whale Sponsorship as that offers higher branding awareness on 1 or 5 Slammers, and logo on the outside packaging.

What is a POG?
POGs were a popular game during the mid ‘90s. Players make a stack of pogs, also known as milk caps, and take turns dropping a heavier “slammer” object onto it, causing the caps to scatter. Each player keeps any face-up caps and is to restack the face-down caps, repeating the process until none land face down, at which point the player who collected the most caps wins the game. POGs also happen to take the same circular shape of a POAP.

Why POGs and POAPs at ETHDenver?

We would like to bring fun to ETHDenver and believe that POGs and POAPs are a fun way to bring people together. We will provide people with the opportunity to collect and play with physical POGs while also receiving a digital POAP that proves they played POGs at ETHDenver.

Why would I consider sponsoring POGs and POAPs?
POGs provide lasting visibility to sponsors that participate, as they are both fun and collectible. We believe POAPs and POGs will help provide brands with increased visibility and exposure during and after the event.

How does sponsorship for POGs and POAPs work?
There is a cost associated with both the design work and production of POGs and POAPs. Our goal is to subsidize this through sponsorships. Sponsors can participate in POGs and POAPs by commissioning a POG that will feature their brand. The POG will then be included in the ETHDenver POGs and POAPs set distributed for free at ETHDenver. The POGs will provide participating sponsors with long-lasting visibility to ETHDenver participants, as they will be taken home as a collectors item.

What does sponsorship cost?
There are three levels of sponsorship available:

Fren Degen Whale
Limit of Sponsors 15 10 5
# of POGs 250 500 750
# of Slammers - - 300
Logo Featured on POG Pack - :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Logo Featured on POAP - - :white_check_mark:
POAPathon Sponsorship Fee $750* $1,250* $2,000* Design Bounties Included in Price :white_check_mark:
POG x $250 :white_check_mark:
POG x $250 :white_check_mark:

Slammer x $500
POG x $250|

When is sponsorship commitment needed?
January 12th, 2022. Due to design and production lead time, we need all sponsorship commitments by this date.

How will sponsorship funds be used?
The primary use of sponsorship funds will be for the production of POGs and POG design bounties. Any remaining funds will be used at the discretion of the POAPathon community.

How many POG sets will be available?
We plan to make 1,000+ packs of POGs available for free to ETHDenver attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are still working on distribution details. We expect each set to have between 3-5 POGs.

Who is responsible for designing the POGs? will be used for all POG designs and the bounty includes the prize for the competitive design competition. Sponsors will only be responsible for the POG design prompt and selecting the winning design(s)

Who can participate?
Anyone can sponsor or participate in the POG design competitions. We will post the design bounties on the POAPathon Discord using

Who do I reach out to sponsor?
Please reach out to Tap.eth on the POAPathon Discord server: POAPathon

Sushi Brand Awareness and a very cool physical memorabilia that will be handed out to several people at a very large event. Whale Sponsor is the wei.

$2000 could be spent better elsewhere


  • We like the POGs - Whale Sponsor $2000
  • Degen Sponsor $1250
  • Fren Sponsor $750
  • Forget it ser

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I don’t want to sound rude, but I just do not understand that thing. Mb I am too young (or too old )for that.

@Tangle this seems like a pretty low cost and a cool initiative.

I can’t say I know what a POG is but, @avimeyers assures me that they’re very cool!

Will the POGs and POAPs share the same design - or separate designs for different mediums?

I wonder if distribution could be organized as a scavenger hunt type deal - requiring a series of attendance to certain events. Also, the circular design seems like a perfect opportunity to be converted into a sushi roll :wink:

It was the POAP that was promised in the Pogavad Gita

ah, this guy I tell ya…