Sushi Propsoal AMA Questions


To create a clear agenda in the next AMA to clarify issues and concerns regarding the proposals in the snapshot. These questions will allow Dani, Arca, and Core (preferably Omasake) to create some transparency around the DAO. This AMA will be publicly recorded for the community.

A document of refined questions is being formulated.
You can comment within the document or in this forum.

Tangle is the owner of the document. I am an editor.

I am trying to take questions from the community and create concise ones to make it easier for Dani, Arca, and the Sushi team to answer. Questions are geared to produce productive discussions about the communities concerns.

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Community questions should not be edited or limited to a single document that can be policed.

Not policing, just reformatting questions concisely. The document is just a jumping-off point for the next AMA, community members can be asked additional questions when this AMA takes place.

Can i be invited too? I too want to create transparency around the DAO, and I want to be treated with the same level of discrimination that Omakase, Daniele and whoever from Arca are enjoying!! It can’t be too dangerous, right? I will take all questions, as a community member

Lets have a section with
“Questions for Rainbowpuffpuff”
They can be related to transparency, my job, getting banned, the constitution, firing omakase, or censorship or anything else

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I have known Rainbowpuffpuff for 10 years of my life. I support him fully for this AMA and I want to know why he’s such a cuck.

Thank you in advance and happy holidays!

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Why take xSushi off the market when your product is just not as cool cause it’s not called xSushi and it’s not from or by Sushi?
Did you come to increase the odds of getting access to BentoBox keys so you can control Trident before it ships and absolutely destroys Uniswap?
Why have many new frog accounts spam for you? Do you do that yourself or did Omakase offer?
Did you take part in voting manipulation with new accounts spamming that claim they trust Omakase to lead?

Why not promote on Twitter the post of firing Omakase?
Why censor individuals with no transparent way of appealing?
Why auto-elect yourself after censoring the proof I have about you conspiring to commit fraud?
Why so slow in doing anything about voting any kind of bylaws related to hiring, banning, appealing?
Why so slow in making regulations about firing you?
Are you going to resign or do you think that you’re a net positive addition?
Is the only way to fire you currently by getting into the core team and putting up votes?
Given the voting outcome on forum with ppl wanting you fired, are you going to quit?
Did you bully Joseph into quitting by using anonymous account or by being slow with moderation, intentionally?
How many people have you been personally involved in hiring in Sushi?
Why talk privately on Sushi backdoor chats instead of doing it publicly on forum and discord open groups?
What is your actual responsibility and who watches over your performance?

Did you file or will you file any details on this merger/takeover with the SEC?

Some of these questions are not productive to a path forward, but I included some from you as well.

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First and foremost, I want to thank 0xivy and Tangle for doing this.

I will have more trust in the restructuring if the big 3 (Dani, I’m Software, Omasake) makes a budget for each year (like that we can see that funds are correctly used and don’t come with the argument “it is on the chain you can see it where it goes,” in a lot of cases you cannot find the reason for some transaction). (Are they going to implement this or?)
Further, I want to know our place in the DAO and what procedures we have a say in or not.
Also, I want to see the criteria for hiring and firing people. I find this point important because it would prevent the rightful termination of a contract (aka firing a person) or prevent a person from getting replaced by a kiss ass. Finally, I want to know how they will implement the changes (what phases come first, etc.).
Last but not least, some could say that some of the big 3 have a conflict of interest, and I want to know what they are going to do about that.

That were my questions :pray:


I think I have most of these in the doc in some form or another but I will review

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I think that Omasake stepping down is the way SUSHI is going, otherwise everything will be in vain!

Thank you for this initiative, Ivy.

Some questions for Dani if you feel these are relevant:

The combined proposal seems to move away from some of the suggestions from your original post (e.g. deprecating xSushi). It would be interesting to hear in a general way how your ideas have changed following conversations with Arca and the Sushi team.


  • Can you expand on your vision for Kashi / BentoBox? In your original proposal you say they need to go through ‘periods of stronger promotion and adoption’. Is this a question of marketing current products, expanding utility on Sushi, seeking new partnerships, or some combination of these?

  • Your original proposal mentions the Curve / veCRV model in relation to adjusting tokenomics/governance. This has been a success for Curve in many ways, but also has its drawbacks & is already being iterated on by other protocols. In your eyes what are the strengths and weaknesses of the veCRV approach, and how would you improve on this model for better results & a closer fit for Sushi?

  • More broadly, what does ‘healthy’ governance look like from the perspective of community engagement, and how do you measure it? How do you improve it without tokenomics?

  • You mentioned that, next to the DEX users, liquidity providers are Sushi’s most important customers/partners. How do you think liquidity provision will evolve in the future, in respect of retail, institutional and protocol owned liquidity? Popsicle Finance is obviously a relevant project here, but can you go beyond this to talk about which other partnerships will be important, the differing approaches we see emerging, and how Sushi can stay competitive in attracting liquidity in the future?

Thank you Ivy.

2 questions for Dani if you feel these are relevant

  1. How do you think MIM ( stablecoin) can help develop the sushi economy? If yes, how.

  2. You have repeatedly stated that the user experience in current AMMs is very bad and that you think you offer the same experience as Cex but through a dex. Uniswap v3 looks like it wants to do that (another problem that could bring trident: Concentrated Liquidity Increases Risk of Impermanent Loss
    This means that with you is it possible to create a decentralized order book?


Kool I’m back from the holidays I can start adding these

can i also add more questions or was it a one time thing? <3

for omakase:
did you change forum rules without voting on forum, snapshot or discord prior to their change? <3

You need to add context to this question for the person answering to give a well-rounded answer. My suggestion: I recently observed X, Were the forum rules recently changed without the community’s permission?

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