Sushi Reward UI Bug


I put some UMA/WETH and YFI/WETH in the Sushiswap liquidity pools 2 weeks ago and I approved staking for both of them. Transactions were confirmed and successful (no gas issues).

Allocation points are available for these 2 pools to be able to get SUSHI rewards. So in principle I should get these SUSHI rewards.

Over the last 2 weeks I got the following message on my porfolio page:
“We’re currently investigating a UI bug for locked sushi amounts. The result may not be accurate”
Harvestable, locked, stacked and unstaked SUSHI are all at 0 and it should not be the case at least for harvestable.

I tried to use Sushiswap with Chrome, Edge and Brave by always having the same bug message.

I know that the same bug problem already occured in the past for some people (checked on the forum) but it was never mentioned that it was resolved or what to do to resolve it.

Could you please tell me what I have to do on my side to be able to see and to get my Sushi rewards?

Thanks in advance for you support

Hi guys,

Any news on this topic?
I still have the problem and I’m losing Sushi each day without a support from a nice person. :slight_smile:


I offer 50$ in crypto currency to the one who solve me the problem.

I think I have the same problem?

I deposited 97 odd Sushi and today I have 86 Sushi… Screen lso has the warning on it about totals not being correct…

I does say i’ve deposited 97 Sushi but only 86 available now ?

Anyone tell me whats hppening please ?

You might be missing a step. Try staking that LP in the farm contract.

You need to approve staking, then stake. Once you do that, you should see your harvestable sushi rewards start to grow.