Sushi’s All-In-One Customer Support and Engagement

Multi-Authored by: Pegbit, Tangle, Trudahamzik and HHK

Inspired from the efforts of: RSK, Maka, N00bie, Porlix, Zapacheenie, Stack_bot, Riely and The Sushi Community

Create a seamless multilingual customer service portal for Sushi users front run by community members. The primary goal is to give users the right customer support experience at every stage of their journey on Sushi. The supplementary goal is to educate the users about the platform at a low-level stage without boring Gitbooks, but instead give them a visual walkthrough of Sushi and partner ecosystems.

Main Focuses:

  • Creating a Core Support team “Sushi Samurais

  • Implement a high level customer knowledge base covering a wide range of topics on the Sushi ecosystem

  • Segregate knowledge base and topics to span across three levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Pro, allowing the customer flexibility on how they wish to engage with the support system

  • High level focus towards the visual aspect. Provide users with more visual guidance through the use of illustrations and video walkthroughs included in all major articles.

  • Implementing a 3-level support system, with chatbots, live chats, and a ticketing application

  • Chatbot to act as a self-serve help service by instantly providing answers to a plethora of frequently answered questions

  • Live chat application to provide real time help from Sushi Samurais.

  • Ticketing system that allows users to create tickets which can be addressed, handled, and closed out by Sushi Samurais in conjunction with developers.

  • Create a direct support line for institutions to bridge to in the future.

  • “A DeFi 101” course book implementation that covers all the important topics in a gamified model for the user to learn from.

  • Creating community reports and analytics to provide transparency on all the support measures handled in the new platform.


Currently, the SushiSwap website lacks real time customer support and troubleshooting. The gap in lack of support introduces a potential attack vector, where users are potentially at risk for scammers to intervene as “Support”, thus getting scammed and losing their funds. Apart from that, users who come to Discord to get their problems resolved usually ask repetitive questions. This is extremely inefficient and taxing for community members who are responding.

We need to address the elephant in the room. DeFi is still fairly new, and there are many people entering the space without any concrete idea about DEX’s, SushiSwap, or crypto in general for that matter. It also has a lot of environment-agnostic issues that appear unique to each user. This potentially raises a question on what kind of setup/bridge can be created to make it optimal, thus bringing us to the creation of an all-in-one customer support and engagement platform run by the Samurais.

Take the analogy of checking out at a grocery store. You could choose to do self-checkout, express, or a regular till with a clerk. Depending on your comfort level, knowledge, time preference, or complexity of your items, you could select any one of the aforementioned methods of check out. This same model could apply to our end users as well. We could offer well guided solutions for new and learning customers, whereas an intermediate or high level user may be able to have their issue or query solved with self-serve articles, or chatbots. Some users can choose the option to immediately speak to someone, or alternatively have the problem solved through a ticket system.

Currently we plan to compile all the questions that have been asked in Discord, repetitive or not. Environment-agnostic issues that present themselves can be unique to each user. By creating a repository of all questions and branching them to necessary topics, the Samurais could then refer to questions previously asked. If Samurais are not able to answer in real-time, the tickets will then be forwarded to a Core Developer. This ensures an efficient streamlined communication.


With the implementation of a streamlined customer support and engagement system, SushiSwap can ensure it will attract new customers and retain existing users. The systems designed will be accessible, and easy to participate in. By creating a community based support system, we can ensure continued participation from everyone in the community to help one another. DEX’s currently don’t have any internal customer support system in place. Most of it is usually outsourced. However as the DeFi space grows, this will become crucial in retaining loyal customers. We have the opportunity here to pave the way for a state of the art customer support system for DEX’s, and DeFi in general.


By providing users solutions in an effective and welcoming way, we ensure they choose SushiSwap, and continue to help grow the ecosystem and the community around it.


  1. Create Self-Serve Content and Articles for Sushi and it’s Partner Ecosystem

Create updated visual content in the form of screenshots and video walkthroughs on all possible categories of Sushi products. Segregate them based on three levels: Beginners, Intermediate, and Pro. Allow users the option to choose custom content according to their preference. By providing appropriate articles/videos, we can prevent confusion for the user, and ensure they find what is relevant to them.

  1. Implement Bot and Live Chat

Implement a self service chatbot to compile the ever-growing list of frequently asked questions a Sushi user might have. The goal here is to tackle a normal user’s need of wanting to go to a live chat, to ask questions. If the question asked matches any of the preexisting feed, it will offer the user the right solutions or lead them towards specific articles. If the user prefers to speak to someone, they have the option to be connected to a live Sushi Samurai who will provide real-time solutions instantly. If the Samurai is unable to provide a solution, they can open a ticket assigning it to the relevant developer. This offloads a lot of work for developers by streamlining their workload for support.

One major advantage we foresee is how this whole setup is bearish for the thirsty Discord scammers, who pose as help agents to scam people. Core members can track avg. chat time, chat’s closed etc, and all other stats using the Chat dashboard. The bot can be improved by creating workflows and necessary branching over time.

  1. Implement a Seamless Ticketing Experience

When things get overwhelming, users have the ability to create tickets. Every aspect of the process e.g no. of tickets open or closed by any particular Samurai can be tracked. This acts as a bridge between the Customer, Samurai, and Developers. Users have the option to be notified via email or chatbot directly when they log back on the page.

For now, most of the users rely on Documentation made on Gitbooks or outdated Youtube videos and online articles. Creating a much more stimulating article knowledge base that goes in depth with every topic using visual components like illustration and video-walkthroughs would make it more engaging. The current documentation is also designed strongly towards someone ranging in an intermediate-pro level grid. Today, many users who resort to the Discord chat, don’t even know the existence of Docs page. A bot can capture all these standard questions with ease and avoid setting traps for scammers totally. The knowledge base and the chatbot would act as self-serve for all the minor questions. The live chat and ticketing would be mainly for situation-agnostic issues.

Future ideas for the pipeline:

  1. Create a DeFi 101 coursebook

After achieving all the primary goals, the team would like to set up a fun and engaging DEFI 101 course book with a gamified model to engage everyone new to DeFi. This will be a slow transition phase from just being a support management platform to customer engagement platform.

  1. Create analytics and community reports.

To provide transparency on the work done by the community members, the team plans to create an interactive analytics dashboard feed with data from the support platform e.g total tickets closed, pending tickets, questions answered by the chatbot etc.

Monthly reports/newsletter would also be available to showcase the work done by the other community members, funds allocation, grants available, community news etc.

  1. Provide direct support lines for Institutions

Set up a professional team to onboard Institutional clients. Samurais have the chance to transition their role and dabble in business development.

  • Share and present DeFi knowledge with institutions to build relationships
  • Work hand in hand in with sushi developers to create and supplement a test net for client on-boarding and training purposes
  • Provide consultation services on sushi’s platform navigation e.g Ethscan transactions, Lending, Borrowing and Yield farm mechanisms

(Inspired by SushiNyan’s proposal by Trudahamzik).

To implement a high quality and smart bot, we are going to need data points to fill in the bot with. We can start by adding in things from the FAQs in the Docs, and we can filter through the Discord channels to gain user questions and concerns as well. Another implementation to capture users’ requests, ideas, concerns, and questions would be to implement the use of something like Canny. Canny allows you to “build better products with customer feedback. Capture, organize, and analyze product feedback in one place to inform your product decision”. Please see the links to the website, and a tutorial video below:

Through the use of something like Canny, we can implement and capture user feedback in a concentrated area, instead of sporadic Discord or Forum posts. (Canny may not be the solution best suited for Sushi, but is provided as an example.) This will also provide the Dev’s with a better overview of what items need attention sooner than others. We can look to implement this directly into the website so users do not have to leave the page.

While all of these new concepts help catch users’ questions, we should still focus on having a concrete setup of, easy to use Knowledge base for our customers. Due to the Docs daunting abundance of text, and the abstract nature of the material geared towards developers, it can be very off-putting for users. Implementing illustrations into the docs would be a creative way to help users understand some of these abstract ideas, and could be a fun way to take them on a journey through the typical “boring” documentation. Sushi has done a great job of branding, with implementing the neon blue and pink color scheme, along with the Japanese animation. It could be possible to implement Anime style illustrations into the docs, to give it more of a comic book style feel. This would make it much more enticing and enjoyable to go through.

Along with that, we will need to stay up to date with new features, products, answers to questions, and technical advice. This is where we can have the Samurai compile questions and comments from the Canny or Discord group, which could then get implemented into the Docs as needed.

In addition to documentation and illustrations, it’s also great to have video tutorials and fun education pieces. There are several video tutorials on how to use different aspects of Sushi, but they require a bit of hunting or searching, and you may not find what you are looking for. (We all have been there!) Additionally, we could provide time stamps for specific topics if a video encompasses several different things.

As new products and new features come out within Sushi, it may be a good idea to have our dedicated Samurai members build video tutorials that are tailored for each product or feature. We can then continue to expand the “Tutorial Videos” on the Sushi Official YouTube channel, and place links in the Knowledge base directing users to this channel with these videos.

Along with all of these implementations and support systems, it is important that we extend these efforts towards communities outside of the English speaking realm. Communities in Asia, Europe, Latin America, India, etc., should all benefit from, and contribute to the efforts made from the English community. Leaders throughout the global community could band together with other members to help educate and contribute to the Sushi Ecosystem. This is why our Sushi Samurais will be required for each major time zone.

This would be a great start to kick off the Sushi Support Initiative, and surely encourage users to get involved and help grow the Support System into something even greater and more effective. By having key Support personnel in different regions of the world, they could help build the global Sushi community, and educate those in their area. It would also be amazing to have them be able to deliver content in their native language as well.

Participation of Development Team

Our goal is to set up a lightweight platform independent from the core application, thus requiring only minimal resources from the Core Dev’s so they can remain focused on current workloads. Utilizing something like Webflow, Sushi’s branding can be easily implemented.

Here is a possible lightweight CMS stack for consideration:

  • Webflow CMS (provides great UI, with easy setup and content management for the Samurai)
  • Intercom/Drift- For setting up the bot
  • Freshdesk/Zendesk - For setting up the ticketing application

*Intercom is self-certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield framework to comply with the EU data protection laws. Freshdesk is also fully GDPR compliant as of 2018. Both of these tools are used by industry leaders. Ideally it’s much better than having all this data accessible on a public discord group. All of these tools are cloud based applications, and most of them don’t even offer self hosting. This eliminates any potential risk involved with data privacy.

Samurai’s and Compensation

We plan to run this with 6 samurais @rsk, @hkk, @pegbit, @porlix, @n00bie, @maka who will work full-time on this project. Ideally the timeline we’re expecting to achieve our initial pipeline in 6 months, from where we want to start branching out to our other ideas on pipeline, to create an amazing customer service community for Sushi.

Because most of the work will be done by the community, we believe this proposal requires compensation and a fund allocation to reward Samurais and active community members.

Proposed allocation of the funds :

• 5,500 USDC for each core Samurai per month so they can work full time and push the community forward.

• 3000 SUSHIS that will be held in a Multisig controlled by the Samurai’s. This funds will be used to reward content creators, active community members, hire new talent part time, etc… There will be total transparency on how this is operated. This will be open to the whole community to participate and monitor. Governance on this will be released later.

We think these initiatives can be run for the next 6 months targeting completion around the end of the year. Our members are prepared to work around the clock from all the important time zones to keep the platform up and running.

Once the 6 months is reached a new proposal will be created and submitted to the Sushi community for their feedback and what can be improved. This initial 6 month run should provide an indication of how enthusiastic we are about Sushi and improving the customer experience.

During our second proposal after the initial 6 months, if we are able to achieve our deliverables and show favourable performance along with improving the total experience for the community, we would like to entertain the idea of becoming full time community managers/support.

The total compensation is set to be 198,000 USDC (5500 USDC x 6 Samurais x 6 months) for the Samurai’s, and 3000 SUSHI for the Samurai’s Multisig.

Closing Notes

SushiSwap is growing and scaling at a rapid pace, so customer support needs to become a focus. This way we can ensure a positive experience for everyone who is using and learning about SushiSwap and partner ecosystems.

This proposal is designed to gain both interest and input from the Community, Devs, and Core.

Key points for discussion:

  • Possible ways to prevent future scammers.
  • Ways to streamline relevant data for creating a knowledge base.
  • Sentiment towards Docs vs. Video Tutorials.
  • The Samurai name for this initiative and team.

We hope this proposal will inspire ideas and conversation around ways we can make this platform top notch and reflect the ideology behind SushiSwap and it’s community.

Major recognition goes to all those in the Discord channels lately that have spent countless hours helping solve the community’s issues.


Creates seamless multilingual customer service.
Provide customer support experience at every stage of users journey on Sushi.
Greater education for users through the use of visuals of Sushi and partner ecosystems.
Dedicated systems and channels for users to help prevent scammer interaction on SushiSwap.
We believe this would help the growth of SushiSwap by educating new and existing users.
Creating a pool of incentives, ensuring any helping participant can benefit from it.


How could I be?

(Quick prototype structure idea - using Figma)

Implement the Sushi Samurai Support Initiative?

  • YES - help us to the top while paving the way for community run projects
  • NO - ngmi, we are fine on our own

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[Brought to the community Sushi Forum on International Sushi Day 2021]

Huge thank you to everyone who helped craft the proposal, as for anyone who takes the time to consider it.

Would be wonderful to see this spring to life as the foundation of a core growth mechanic for long term loyalty and engagement.
First steps in DeFi can be daunting, knowing you aren’t just throwing your money into a black hole, that there is support if needed, goes a long in forging lasting relationships.

Additionally there’s so much talent in the community when it comes to creating content for the knowledge base, this gives us the ability to easily incentivize and reward members for their contributions.

Value any and all feedback. Much love.


I appreciate the work done by the team on pulling this proposal after we formed a group of volunteer to work as a support on discord. Thank you Tangle for all you have done and the coordination on this process. We as a team are committed to make this proposal a reality as soon as possible and will be giving more than 100% from our end.


Overall, I think this is a much needed proposal, and as a pre-liquidity migration Sushi holder, and Discord lurker, I support the proposal.

One piece of constructive criticism is that this feels like it has quite a bit of scope creep; a coursebook, community reports, a chat bot. Intercept the user once, and direct them to once page of support (FAQs, videos, Medium articles) and be done.

Thank you all for supporting the community.


Brilliant stuff. Thank you to everyone who has contributed here.

Not sure if this was mentioned - I think using the analytics to identify the most common pain/confusion points for users and then fixing them at the UI level/adding tooltips is important in the long run.

Also, I love the ambition here though agree with @take_me_to_naboo on starting as simple as possible. For example, not sure if separating it out into Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro sections is needed.

My two cents for now. Best from Mr. Bento.


Fantastic proposal. Are there ongoing costs involved and budgeted for in the tools described (ticketing system, chat etc.) and have others been evaluated? I am aware of at least one — Kustomer — that provides all of the functionality described and more, and could be described as “better in class”.

Ever since I saw Sushi grab the domain and stick to absolutely amazing branding and interface design, I always assumed this was the natural path for Sushi. Long ago I envisioned Sushi as being the core entry point for the general audience getting into DeFi. Currently there’s a big learning curve, it’s intimidating, but Sushi’s cheerful and frankly catchy thematic and aesthetics make it feel ripe for user friendliness. I always imagined the scenario of telling a friend “Just go to to get started.” It organically flows, it’s easy to remember, and when they visit the site they’re greeted by a very welcoming interface.People will have more confidence engaging in a service that has a support service readily available, especially if it’s their first venture into crypto.

So my assumption was that Sushi’s in the perfect spot to be the gateway for the average everyday person to break through that learning curve and enter this niche pocket we love so dearly. Having a support group readily available to assist as well as easy step-by-step tutorials fits perfectly with the vision I always had for Sushi. We’re leagues ahead of everyone else in creating an iconic brand and passionate community.

I want to really stick to our slogan, everyone can be a chef.


Course book and Community Reports belong in the future pipeline. Right now full focus will be towards: Knowledge base, Chatbot and Live chat and Ticketing Facilities.


A few thoughts:

  • no need to have three levels of knowledge: while beginners need help, pro users know where to find all the information they need
  • unsure how the bot/live chat feature integrates with tickets
  • 5500 USDC per month is a lot, with ~600$ you can hire highly-qualified Filipino virtual assistants, usually graduates with a bachelor’s degree and years of experience in customer support, finance and copywriting
  • we probably don’t need a “multilingual customer service”

I tend to agree with all the rest; this proposal is much needed.
Reducing the number of scammers in our chatrooms would be a great accomplishment on its own :laughing:



Hi zafalijadev, thanks for your input! Samurais are a bit different from outsourced virtual assistants. Firstly, they consist of our own passionate community members, “not an outsourced team”. The Samurais also play a major role in the development of the platform and also building the core components and workflows around it to achieve our deliverables. They also handle and monitor the platform consistently. Again it consists of members who will act as Support engineers too. Samurais will have solid intuition of what could be causing errors, and also know the little tricks that can be employed to get misbehaving requests back on track. They are also comfortable working around code and logs to diagnose and fix issues. That being said, we also enjoy being presented with situations that don’t have an immediately obvious answer and relish finding the solution with the help of core developers. What drives us, is mainly the passion to build around the community. We also think, being fair and reasonable in compensation for the efforts put in to achieve all these deliverables, aligns directly with the ethos of Sushi and the strong community around it. “Being Multilingual” is not one of our initial goals, in the pipeline. Right now the full focus will be to get these up and running fast: Knowledge base, Chatbot, and Live chat, and Ticketing Facilities. Thanks again, for taking your time to bring up your thoughts. Totally appreciate it!


Thank you so much for drafting this! I really like the idea of Sushi Samurais.

I still remember the time I joined the sushi discord, porlix Maka and RSK and other members offered so much help. If we keep doing so, it’s something sweet for a newbie to enter into DeFi. And we’ll build a fantastic branding as well - the gateway for ordinary person to learn and use DeFi, as Madotsuki said.

The customer support is essential for sushi. It’s includes real time support and educational materials as well. Real time support will solve the problems for every single one, while the educational materials are more profound and efficient when it can be spread to the crypto community.

Overall, I think it will create positive loop and is a win-win situation.



As Sushi continues to expand its services to multiple blockchains I believe the customer support team could be a vital asset to the sushi swap eco system. Excellent idea and proposal.


Hey everyone ! Thanks for all the feedback !
The team behind this proposal will be at the next sushi forum community call this Thursday at 21:00 UTC on the sushi discord.
We will be happy to answer your questions !


Wooo! Excited to talk more about the Sushi Support proposal. Maybe you could launch a community snapshot vote so that people can show their support even if they can’t make it to the sushi forum on thursday.


It seems the sushi team is currently working on snapshot :eyes:
So we will probably wait for them before creating an official vote !
This also allows us to receive more feedback from the community :sushi:


Wow!I will love to talk more ok sushi support forum …I will propose you launch a group where people can talk more on it

I support the proposal, I believe this is a great step forward in becoming the leading DEX with great customer retention. Building lasting relationships with our users will be very important moving forward. I would argue both videos and articles are important. It depends on the kind of person you are. Since i’m more of a video learner I always look for useful youtube videos and find some very very useful. It always makes me feel reassured when it comes straight from the team. (tutorial videos)

I also really like Coinbase’s illustrated informational videos like these (for us explaining defi and how they can use Sushi to earn more money etc)

Last thing: It would be cool if someone from the team laid out all the to-do’s for the community in a checklist so members could volunteer for them and we could all know who’s taking care of what (for efficiency purposes). I would love to get more involved I’m a native spanish and english speaker so could be useful there.


As a new community member, this seems like a great idea. There is a lot to wrap your head around when you first discover SushiSwap. The team and community are generally great about answering questions on Twitter, but formal learning and support systems are a no brainer and the devs shouldn’t have to respond to messages from end users most of the time.


This is a fantastic and necessary plan for Sushi to continue to grow. In fact, from being in a customer relations position, I feel bad asking questions in Discord b/c I know it has probably been answered previously. If you can take those regular questions and start the creation of FAQ’s and explainer videos with a ticketing system, it will improve the more full service offering that I’ve already found in the Sushi DEX.

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Wanted to say the Samurai team has been outstanding since this was implemented.

Looking forward to the 6 month update proposal and the potential for additional Samurai to be on-boarded.