Sushi SEO - Optimize content for acquisition, retention & engagement

Inspired by Ethereum projects who have successfully been using SEO techniques to grow their user base (like coingecko), this proposal introduces four basic SEO campaigns that aim to help Sushi grow its user base, retention and engagement, by converting search traffic and educating new users about the benefits of DeFi and Sushi’s products specifically.

Through SEO-optimized content, we can cover the learning process for the whole spectrum of blockchain users - from users who have only been trading on centralized exchanges, to anyone already interested in contract-based trading and yields. Once set up, our campaigns will bring in interested users from Search, Social Media and Youtube, educate them about DeFi and guide them through all Sushi products.

I aim to collaborate with the group of Sushi Samurai, who have been onboarding and helping community members for a while. They recently got official support by the DAO to run Sushi’s day-to-day customer support and implement a knowledge base of Sushi- and DeFi related topics, and I want to help them write content and optimize existing content for user acquisition. I am also collaborating closely with @Govmrk @0xbella who recently started supporting the Sushi marketing team.

Here’s what we should start with:

1) Write a FAQ on DeFi questions

I propose setting up a FAQ, with the aim to drive traffic to from search queries related to DeFi, token trading, yield farming, etc. I will collaborate with the Samurai and the core team through this process:

  1. Keyword research
    a. using SEO tools (eg.
    b. research of sites which target similar traffic, like other DeFi DApps, centralized exchanges, marketcap sites, etc.
    c. research FAQ on Crypto Twitter, forums, blogs (eg. often-posted questions like “Where does DeFi yield come from?”)
  2. Draft first version FAQ
  3. Discuss, update, finalize text
  4. Draft page with the design team
  5. Set live into production

2) SEO support for token pages

I will follow a similar process as above, to SEO-optimize individual token pages that are currently being designed by the core team. This will allow to get traffic from anyone searching about specific tokens on Google, and to increase general SEO ranking and number of backlinks. The cool thing is that I can implement templates once, and then automate the process for any new tokens added to Sushi.

Check the difference in keywords between Coingecko and Sushi, to get a feeling for the opportunity. Sushi only ranks for words directly to Sushi, while Coingecko converts traffic mainly from searches about tokens.

3) Sushi /learn

The objective here is to build educational courses, similar to Coinbase Earn, Gitcoin Quests, or RabbitHole to funnel search traffic onto and incentivize new users to learn about the benefits of Sushi’s products. This involves compiling content, implementing quiz pages, and setting up a reward structure - eg. reputational NFTs minted on Shoyu.

I will start by fleshing out Sushi product explainers, How-To’s and walkthroughs. And later we’ll extend the site to more general DeFi courses, to capture the high traffic, low competition long tail of search traffic.

Again, this overlaps with Samurai’s plans for a similar platform. And I would love to support them fully :slight_smile:

4) Crowdsourced content

And finally, I want to reward members of the Sushi community to educate their audience in their own creative ways. I start by implementing a simple grant process for anyone who wants to become a Sushi ambassador by writing a blog or Tweet thread, or making a video about any of the Sushi products. Similar to how the SEO support scales into the long-tail of tokens, this program should scale into activating the long-tail of Sushi community members.

I hope that offering this continuous bounty program for content creation will incentivize the more experienced members of our community to mentor those just starting out, thus increasing user acquisition and retention - benefitting all Sushi stakeholders.

So, that’s the plan. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • Specific ToDos
  • Scalable benefits: Technical SEO benefits Sushi for the long term, while it has to be implemented only once
  • Data-driven marketing gives us trackable KPIs and new insights into Sushi users
  • Synergies with Samurai and core team content

Let me know if you see any downsides or campaigns I would rather invest my time in!


  • Yay. Help Sushi with SEO
  • Nah. Let’s focus on crypto marketing

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Great idea and I love how this can help build upon the utility of the improvements and roles our community has created ie samuris. I am surprised that our marketing team hasn’t been putting focus on SEO. Any improvements in this will surely yield multiples in revenue in the long term. I would love to part of the the discussion and involved in content creation.

I already invited @flipdave on to this Thursdays sushiswap forum community call at 9 PM UTC in sushi discord AMA channel, but there should still be space to discuss this proposal too. Please join us if you are free!


I think this is a really great proposal and it should really go hand-in-hand with this effort to build Sushi Journalists: Kisha Club - Sushi Journalists


This is a good idea ! As you said, few things are already in Samurais scope but happy to collaborate on them !

Samurais platform will need content, we want it to be the place to learn about Sushi :
articles, tutorials, quizz, contests, newsletters etc…

We are working on all of this but our scope can be very large from user support to community management leaving small time for the creation of quality educationnal content. So we are very open to receive help on this from the community and happy to reward it !

I’m thinking about creating a chat group with you, orionmuir, samurais, kisha club and anyone that wants to contribute on the content so we can dispatch things and work hand-in-hand.

As I said in the Kisha proposal, I’m very bullish on small groups of people working under samurais banner to make Sushi the home of DeFi and cultivate the DAO and Sushi ethos.


@orionmuir Great to hear you had similar thoughts :slight_smile: Sadly can’t make this community call, but love to jump on the next one.

@hhk Love what you guys have been building up! And there’s definitely huge overlap with your plans on content creation, the knowledge base, the quests, etc. I could see myself helping with content and building up templates for the technical SEO. How do you guys organize usually? Might be cool to have a dedicated Discord chat, where the community can also follow our progress?!

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We usually communicate on discord.
What do you think about creating a group/server together as well as a samurais channel on the sushi discord to communicate with the community and post updates


Love the focus put on SEO. Good to get in touch with the Samurais so no time & effort is spent on overlapping work. Really would love to see a subgroup formed to assist them to bring the education hub to life (tutorials, Defi 101 coursebook etc.)


Hi @Unagi good to see that you finally posted it here. You’re right, there is a lot of overlap with Samurai’s scope here, but we are happy to take more members to contribute on building quality content. Our original pipeline was to build content with a lot of focus on SEO. We just haven’t reached there yet! One big thing about the SERP score today is that it doesn’t mainly just rely on keywords or backlinks, but a lot of other components specifically. For instance, contexts play a huge role, ie. how information is categorized, associated and catalogued has a much crucial impact on SERPs than any on-page elements we can control or how important it is to improve Web Vitals or rely on content using Search Console data. Same with internal linking and information architecture designs or site internalization. SEO has come a long way from just relying on keyword analysis on SEMRUSH or AHREFS. That being said, I like the initiative! Samurai platform will need a heap of ‘quality content’ before and after the initial version is deployed.

Now, I can go a bit more on the details about scope so we don’t create unnecessary overlaps. We do have a detailed knowledge base (which can map to the FAQ on your proposal), Sushi Academy 101 (which can map to learn). Regarding grants for crowdsourced content, the DAO and core team has already approved and handed over multi-sig operated wallet. We are open to using that to create grants for fellow content contributors since this falls under the original idea to reward quality contributors.

There is also another proposal here on the forum regarding Kisha club. The main idea is to whitelist quality content writers in the community. I think we can leverage this a lot for building good content around Sushi! Samurais are totally open to discussing more on this, and how we can create a solid framework around all of the aforementioned topics. I’ve invited you, @Trudahamzik @orionmuir to a channel on our server. Hope we can collaborate over there!


Thanks for all the feedback! Agree with your take on SEO. With webflow it should be easy to create SEO-ready templates for pieces of content once, then reuse and iterate over them. Besides this and writing content, I can also work on getting backlinks to the articles with the marketing team.

On scope, it’s probably best to keep everything on one platform. I guess the Kisha newspaper, the 101 academy and the knowledge base will all be hosted under the Samurais domain?!

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Love to see all this stuff coming to life, to help grow and expand the Sushi ecosystem. Obviously there is a ton of scope here that is all being community driven, and I feel like we can expand this and perhaps grow out the Samurai umbrella? Every competitive edge we can jump on and capture will help us stay ahead, and keep people excited.


Personally, I think SEO has to go hand in hand with what’s going on rather than being a separate thing of it’s own. Anyone who has worked around SEO can vouch that building quality and relevancy is important than quantity.


That’s a great idea. Do you think it will be possible to cooperate with Zapper, Zerion, DeBank, etc (I know Zapper have “Learn” section) and make the Quest section accessible from their UI? I am sure that the reward structure - NFTs or POAPs (or may be both) will be a huge success.

SEO/SEM is something lacking in the cryptocurrency industry. Would love to see multiple protocols adopt and focus on this, not just Sushi. As certain protocols become popular in different verticals and areas it is important to focus on marketing and on-ramping new users.

For the crowdsourced content - would you focus on only written content? Or would analytics be rewarded as well.

@CryptoLamer It’s a nice idea! There will be a lot of overlap in topics, with other DeFi projects for sure. Though having the same content on two sites is a SEO killer.

A nice way to start collaboration with other projects might be a common ‘leaderboard’ for users to show off their reward NFTs.

The analytics side could use infrastructure for sourcing questions similar to
Also, I think your proposal for building dashboards is gonna be interesting for Trident, once it’s launched!

You can tell the advantages of defi. Establishing a training academy makes the most sense. Opening a center in countries does not cost much. If you want to open a center in Turkey, we can help.