Sushi to have multiple Twitter Accounts


Sushi to have separate Twitter accounts for BentoBox, Kashi, xSushi, etc


The same reason why while Amazon has a main Twitter account, they have a separate Twitter accounts for Amazon Gaming, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch, Alexa, etc.

Pretty much for better publicity, and for more organized(and targetted) content Tweets.


  • A single Twitter account
  • Multiple Twitter accounts

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I think we’re still pretty early in the game to start splitting out our communications teams.

I do think it’d be valuable down the road, when Defi has a deeper pentation into the non-crypto people world. Right now we have a lot of people who don’t even know what ETH is, let alone Sushi.



This is probably just one out of the few good arguments against it that I’ve read.

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At this time I think its best to have less accounts. In the future, its possible to grow them out. Having too many accounts will likely gain less attention with current amount of users/followers. We will likely find people/accts that are focused on each product, so by following them, you would likely get all the info/announcements needed.

Solid thought for the future though, nice to see you thinking ahead :wink:


I agree with only one account for the time being. Build up the followers and it will be a lot easier to reach people once it is necessary for multiple accounts.

I came in here heavily thinking I would favor multiple accounts (and even voted that way original), but completely changed my mind given the above points. Amazon splitting into multiple accounts was likely not for additional exposure, it was likely for the opposite reason (to divide the exposure they do have into sub-sections so that they could better address individuals). Basically, it wasn’t “split so we can get bigger” it was “we are too big now we have to segment.”

Multiple accounts are fine. but they must work simultaneously

I’d stick with one account at the moment. Sushi is still a baby and needs better care :stuck_out_tongue: