Sushi X Bao Partnership

Hi Sushi community, I’m Bao man of Bao.Finance, and we’re on a journey to make dynamic tools to empower synthetic markets and balancer automation on top of LP tokens. (Which you can read more about on

After talking with 0xMaki, he asked me to create the following proposal here.

As a self taught solo dev, I bit off a lot and while we’ve had a few bumps along the way, I’m really proud of the little community we’ve built. I had a dream to build these interconnected features ontop of LP providers and when no one else saw that vision I decided I’d have to learn to build it myself. But I knew there was only so far I could go alone. I knew it didn’t make sense to try and rebuild the entire stack or to launch my own AMM, so I started with the idea to build these features on top of other protocols.

To start our yield farming for launch and distribution of the governance token had focused on Uniswap and was set to expand to SushiSwap.

However, after a conversation with 0xMaki, and seeing the current state of Uniswap’s governance, we decided it may be best for us to work on a partnership for Bao to build exclusively on top of SushiSwap.

To this end, 0xMaki and I are proposing the following governance proposal:

-SushiSwap will award a 5k $SUSHI builders grant to Bao.Finance
-SushiSwap will help provide technical mentorship support to BaoMan

In exchange:

-Bao will migrate all its pools to using SushiSwap LP tokens
-Bao will build its synthetics, stablecoins and balancer features to exclusively interact with SushiSwap pools.

The $SUSHI will be paid only after the migration of the pools so that it helps the SUSHI TLV.

After talking to Maki and learning about the SushiSwap community, I’m impressed by the deep values we share.

I’m not around to shill a product, in fact, you can ask our community, I’ve been the first one to tell some users that Bao may not be a good fit for them if they don’t understand the risks or don’t have the patience to focus on a long term project, and our economics are designed very much for the long term.

I see a future with a product stack owned and operated by multiple community run ventures that are each supporting each other, and I believe deeply that a rising tide lifts all ships.

If you had asked me a month ago if I would ever offer for Bao to be exclusive to one community, I would have said you were crazy. But in proposing to partner with Sushi, I don’t see this as an action of exclusion, I see it as the ultimate action of acceptance, in growing a community that believes in openness and supporting new projects.

Over in our little Bao community, we’ll be holding a vote of our own to approve this partnership and I encourage the Bao community to endorse and approve this governance action; and I hope that here in the Sushi community you will do the same so that we can start on a journey of making delicious meals together. :slight_smile:


Seems like a super solid partnership, this should be passed.


Hey Bao, sounds like a super interesting opportunity to get synthetics on sushi! The Sushi Forum is an open call in the sushiswap discord voice channel, I discuss recent proposals and developments in the sushiswap ecosystem to help bring the community along with ecosystem contributors(The Sushi Forum Official Thread). If you’re interested I’d love to do an AMA episode with you for the sushi forum! is the episode I did with MasanobuFokuoka where he explained the ichi farm stablecoin system in relation to the ONEsushi proposal. I’ve got tons of questions about the vision and what type of synthetics you’re building. If you’re interested and have the time send me a message on here or on discord




I’m not much of a voice speaker but if you would be open to finding a way to do a written one then I’d be more than happy to do so!

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Interested to learn more of what Bao Finance has to offer. I remember reading about the extensive list of liquidity pools that Bao has to offer in twitter (approx 2 weeks ago). Really well thought out names!

Let’s hear more.

Seems like a solid proposal, especially since 0xMaki is on board already.

Something to discuss / consider / evaluate / bear in mind.

BAO has 200 pools

Not all pools are available on SUSHI

Solution: pools that are not on SUSHI remain on UNISWAP?


Well if you move your liquidity over these pools well be created on Sushiswap.
So this shouldn’t really be a problem I think.

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Many of these pools didn’t exist on Uniswap until we incentivized them either. So they would migrate just helping bring more variety to Sushiswap.

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Sounds good, good luck!

Let’s do it! Now, immediately, not then <3

As a big fan of both projects, yes please.

Check the full BAO roadmap. This is more than just a farming play. I support this partnership fully.

Bao Finance currently plans to add:

  • Yield Farming [Done!!]

  • Yield farming with Sushi and Balance LP tokens.

  • Synthetic assets to Uniswap based on UniV2-LP tokens.

  • Synthetic assets to Sushiswap based on Sushi LP tokens.

  • Synthetic assets to Balancer based on Balancer Pool tokens.

  • Margin trading and limit orders to Uni/Sushi based on staked LP tokens.

  • Lending pools created on Uni/Sushi tokens.

  • Options/Perpetual Futures to Uni/Sushi based on staked LP tokens.

  • Auto-balancer systems so users can balance their synthetic assets, futures and LP tokens.

That’s why BAO stands for “balancing, automation and options”


Just want to follow up on this partnership. I just scroll through Bao Finance’s extensive list of farms and I feel like farming for some BAO tokens. Hoping to see if we could start providing liquidity to SushiSwap instead of Uni haha…

For anyone who is curious. Bao’s link is:


This seems like a great idea. Composability benefits everyone in the ecosystem.

Just as an update on this thread. Bao released new pools on Jan 31. Sushi pools are now available: Bao Finance → “Sushi pools”

3 Likes not working for me :frowning:

Some users have issues connecting to the site, it seems to be an issue with cloudflare. It has happened occasionally to me as well. I solved it by switching to another VPN server. They will have a longer term fix shortly.

Website performance seems to be fine just now. Looks like a match made in heaven.

$BAO migration to xDai incoming.

Also cranked out two new products, swaps on avax and bsc:


Baos be building, Sushis be building, build together?