Sushi x YGG AMA Recap

Today we explored the beauty of DAOs, Games, NFTs and more with Gabby Dizon at our Chinese Telegram channel!

If you missed it, come here and have a look! :eyes:

Q1: Let’s get started with what YGG is and a bit of background about yourself!

Gabby: Sure! My name is Gabby Dizon, the co-founder of YGG. I’ve been in the game industry for 18 years and started in crypto and NFTs in late 2017. I’ve been playing and investing in blockchain games for over 3 years and also a founding board member of the Blockchain Game Alliance. I started playing Axie Infinity in October 2018 and one of the original community members and good friends with the founders. I started YGG with co-founders Owl and Beryl in October 2020.

Q2: The scholarship is a big component of YGG. Over 10% of those players, around 3,600, are Axie Infinity scholars, a 20x increase over the last 6 months. How does it actually happen?

Gabby: We now have over 4,500 Axie scholars! We have 19 scholarship managers from around the world that recruit and train Axie scholars from their local communities. We have scholars active in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Venezuela, Brazil and other countries.

Q3: More and more people are talking about YGG tokens on weChat and telegram recently. What are the benefits of becoming a YGG holder?And Why are people so crazy about YGG and games like Axie Infinity these days?

Gabby: Holding the YGG token is like having a share of the all the NFTs that we invested in all of our games, plus the revenue that is generated by the games we are operating in. We think of YGG token as an index of the Metaverse that produces yield. It is also a governance token that will allow its holders to decide on key decisions about the guild in the future. Lastly, it’s also a membership token that allows members to get access to guild exclusive products and services.

Q4: Even my friends who never know cryoto are playing YGG. Who’s actually playing YGG? Are they most DeFi users or traditional game players? We heard that in Philippine, some jobless individuals and students get their incomes from playing the game (aka play to earn). Is there any interesting story of those players that you wanna share?

Gabby: Very good question! Most of the players of YGG are new to crypto. They are gamers who have started playing Axie and other NFT games for the first time to earn some money. Most of them are earning more money from playing games like Axie than their local job opportunities. We even have a 76 year old grandmother and grandfather who are playing Axie to pay for their medicine.

Q5: We’ve seen the Technical Roadmap from the whitepaper. What’s your plan for this year in product development, marketing, communities?

Gabby: This year, we are planning to expand our Axie Scholarship program throughout Southeast Asia and India. We are also working on the website that will launch the community mining program. Right now you can go to our website at and mint the NFT guild badge. This is a non transferable NFT that signifies you are a member of YGG and allows you to access our quests later on that will allow you to earn the YGG token by playing our partner games.

Q6: YGG just sold out in MISO within the 60s. Can you tell us more about why you choose MISO and what are some of the ongoing thoughts about this MISO auction? (anything we leanrned and can be improved in the future?)

Gabby: We chose MISO because we love the Sushi community! I have been an active SushiSwap user since it launched last year and have been very impressed by their community. This is the main reason we wanted to work with MISO over other platforms - we wanted to introduce YGG to the Sushi community. In general, the IDO went well but from community feedback it would be better if there was a contribution limit per wallet so we could have more people participating in the sale.

Q7: You’ve also gone through the prior crypto cycle, and I’m sure you experienced these euphoric highs before, also the communal despair and disillusionment that have followed. What are the things that you learned to help you build a better future for YGG? And what are your long-term visions for YGG?

Gabby: Yes, I joined crypto in the last months of 2017 and stayed during the entire bear market of 2018-2020. It was very hard getting any kind of funding for your project and many times we were ready to quit. But I really believed that NFTs were the future of gaming and decided to stay despite the difficulties. And good thing I did! If it wasn’t for the experience in the bear market, I wouldn’t have been able to start YGG with my co-founders in late 2020.

Q8: There’s still this bias that playing games is a waste of time, or at least it’s not a decent job. Especially in Asia. Most parents want their kid to be a teacher or lawyer, and super against their kids playing games. How do you think we can fight the bias?

Gabby: My parents also had this bias too when I graduated from university! But now that people are earning a real income from playing games I think that parents will start to take their children more seriously. Play-to-earn is here to stay and more and more people will be earning their income in online games within the Metaverse.

Thanks Gabby for bringing us a wonderful AMA. Special thanks to Mia who helped do the translation in between!

We’ve received more than 35 questions from our community members. As always, thank you to everyone who joined the AMA! :heart: