SUSHIB airdrop for SUSHI holders


Celebrating the launch of shoyu, LevX DAO airdrops SUSHIB for SUSHI holders 1:1


Snapshot will take place at Nov 5th 00:00 UTC.


HODL SUSHI & caim your SUSHIB after the snapshot.


Because I know that you like free money.

WHO are you?

I’m the dictator of LevX DAO, a playground for dumbasses.

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  • LFG
  • I hate free money

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just unstaked all my xsushi for this, lfg

airdrop to xsushi holders instead of sushi


Hello LevX, please consider $XSUSHI instead $SUSHI holders. It will encourage more people to stake $SUSHI. Many will just market buy sushi to get this airdrop and may end up selling later. Also many $XSUSHI holders will end up unstaking and lot of $SUSHI will enter in market.

Airdrop to Sushi and LevX DAO believers please :pray:t3::slightly_smiling_face:


I think we need more time. Lets wait until 11/11 to celebrate DAO .111

You’re truly a madman sir. Even if you won’t accept xSushi, I will respect your decision.


Very cool, should so a sushi style vampire attack on shiba swap


+1. Valid points. xsushi/meowshi usually long term hodlers


I would suggest xsushi hodler instead!


Airdrop to xSushi holders. xSushi holders who unstake immediately or subsequently after the airdrop lose all their tokens, tokens will get re-distributed to other xSushi holders.

  • Tokens vested for 6 months, dripped daily to xSushi holders
  • xSushi holders can fully redeemed and ignore vesting by burning 50% of their $SUSHIB, which gets re-distributed to other holders
  • $SUSHIB can be burnt to whitelist for future LevX DAO token airdrops (stop the getting us Mortys to fill up forms)

This is a tremendous suggestion :+1:

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A suggestion for tokenomics could be -

2% of every transaction and swap on $SUSHIB is deposited into a community wallet and used to buy back $SUSHI and send it to a burn wallet.

Portions of the community wallet funds could be distributed to $SUSHIB holders too. (Voting)

Could have staking / liquidity functions for high APY% too


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Full support for my Dicktator. However, please consider $XSUSHI

Please consider $XSUSHI I have staked all my $SUSHI in support of the team and project

Is there a reason xSushi holders are excluded?

Because the point is to go buy more SUSHI!!! Shoyu is coming this week + NTF NYC! You can’t have enough SUSHI!! Stake next week

airdrop to xsushi holders instead of sushi

Why would unwrap my xsuhi for sushi? It’s counter-productive. - thank you for your generosity and willingness to give back to the community.

I will mirror the sentiment shared above - xSushi would be a better target for an airdrop.

By incentivizing more people to hold xSushi you also incentivize greater governance participation, distributed voting power, and long-term engagement with the protocol.

There are less xSUSHI holders than SUSHI; airdropping to these holders will create a more rare airdrop and more value per individual. As of this morning, there are 76,960 holders of SUSHI and 17,486 holders of xSUSHI. By choosing the token with fewer holders the airdrop has a large impact and will create brand awareness for you and your DAO.

I noticed some comments here where people are unstaking their Sushi in anticipation. We must incentivize the opposite response - staking more SUSHI. Above there are creative solutions to the best way to do so. In particular I enjoyed @Trudahamzik’s suggestion.

I will echo that is best to listen to the community and their desires. This will help both the long term goals of SushiSwap and your DAO. By creating targeted wealth, your name will not be forgotten.

Excited to see your final decision and for greater rewards for our community nonetheless.


X why U question the Eternal Leader. Buy more sushi, stake it after the snapshot. Sushi no longer $10 stable coin. Lubba wubba dub dub. :wink: It’s a meme coin, time to get retarded.