Sushido - a sushiswap-inspired nft series

Hi all,

We’re reaching out today to share a bit about our newly launched NFT project, SUSHIDO. I know what you’re thinking, “another one…”…but keep on reading.

We are trying to do things a bit differently, involving the SushiSwap community as much as possible. Here’s a little rundown of what we are about.

We’re a small operation, bringing together an illustrator, Timon, and a 3D artist, Kika.

Sushido aims at bringing Timon’s character to life, in all its forms.

The beauty of this little guy is that it can be put in pretty much any situation, allowing for an infinity of potential designs. Good thing we already have quite a lineup…

So what’s coming?

What may look like a lonely sushi in the Rarible void at the moment is actually quite an ambitious venture.

1- We want to expand to physical collectibles: If our first editions manage to sell enough, the later ones will feature a high-end collectible figurine.

2- We are planning to hone our 3D art: 3D design and especially rendering is technical and time-consuming. But if our project gains traction, we’ll have the financial safety net to put down the money and upgrade our capabilities and deliver striking animated art.

3- We want to be part of a wider artistic ecosystem: the rise of NFTs has fostered an amazing community of digital artists. Tons of styles and skills are out there, and we’d love to have them riff on the Sushido universe.

4- We want to get the community involved: trying to stay true to SushiSwap ethos, we’d like our artistic project to have a community dimension to it. Whether it’s raffle, design contests, meaningful giveaways, we want to celebrate those who support us and get your creative juices flowing.

5- Partner, partner, partner: SushiSwap is expanding fast and we’d love to grow with them and give a hand in any way we can to advance their brand. This applies to all apps and projects associated with it (Bento/Kashi, Shoyu, Miso,…).

But, as many artists out there, we are bootstrapped. That means we have to pay upfront for our tools, our rendering farms, gas, etc…Our lack of technical skills and time (we are both freelancers on the side) doesn’t allow us to follow the Hashmask route and all other fancy (or not!) projects.

That’s why we need your support (huge shout-out to @BoringCrypto BTW!) before we can make all this happen.

The more actionable way is of course to buy out the first-ever edition available on (:warning: alpha: early buyers will be rewarded down the road), or simply retweet, like, share in any way you can.

If you feel you could be a valuable addition to our project, DM us on Twitter and let’s chat (we’ll also keep a close eye on this thread).



Love it.
I got one, and post tweet :blush:

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Thank you sir :wink: More are coming !

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Good one, I got this lovely NFT!


That’s wonderful ! Thank you !! Stay tuned, more are coming soon :slight_smile:

Guys, the support has been overwhelmingly positive and our first edition is now sold out!!! That will put some welcome wind in our sails and we’ll make sure to reward those who trusted us early on.

Our second drop is in the works. Stay tuned!


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Hi all,

We hope everyone is holding up OK during those shaky days.

Just a quick update to inform you that our second NFT, 二 Apogee, is now available on Rarible – Create, sell or collect digital items secured with #blockchain

Make it yours!



2 days until our airdrop! Buy our latest creation (now at a discount) to get a chance to enter!

Details here:

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Attention Simps!

Our latest creation, 三 SushiBot, is now up for grabs. Every buy gets you a chance to win a Rare Gold Edition. We’ll organize a raffle for every ten sales of 三 SushiBot.

Get your mechanical sushi companion here: Rarible – Create, sell or collect digital items secured with #blockchain