SushiNyan - The Customer Support Army for Sushi


With Sushi recording billions of dollars in volume, it’s no surprise that the protocol will soon gain mainstream adoption one day. The team has rapidly onboarded many Core Developers to expand the protocol’s use cases. However, there seems to be a lack of core customer support functions in place which many successful tech companies heavily invest in.


Pet animals have always been a source of emotional support for their owners since the beginning of time. What the sushi team may lack right now are “cats” in the office to provide that “emotional support”. Enter SushiNyan, the customer support army for Sushi.

A simple webpage built for the following core functions:

  1. Automated chatbot to answer basic questions (e.g wallets, how to add liquidity, how to stake, what is Kashi, what is onsen etc).

  2. On Demand live customer support (NYAN) to answer questions the chat bots can’t.

*What if a NYAN can’t answer a technical question posted to them ?

  • NYANs will have the ability to directly consult a core team developer and get back to the user after


Unlike a CEX, DEXes don’t have a dedicated support team that the general public can reach out to. Core developers usually have to play dual roles functioning as a tech support too. Just by scrolling through the discord’s #support channel, some of these stuffs can be noted:

  1. Not all questions get answered.

  2. People tagging core developers wanting answers for basic questions.

  3. Only a handful of proper high level questions being posted to the team.

From this observation, I think it’s good to assume that a lot of users on the discord server mostly come from twitter with some experience using a DEX rather than your average public/retail ape.


The main goal is to organically educate the average public/retail person so they won’t be afraid to participate in the Sushi ecosystem as they can always contact a NYAN to rectify any problem they face. Also, at the same time filter out most of the unimportant noise from reaching Sushi’s core developers. This would free up their time giving them more energy to achieve ultra instinct, code and come out with more innovative ideas to further push the boundaries of DeFi.

How SushiNyan would ideally benefit the sushi ecosystem:

1. Marketing:

With the chatbot directing your average users to articles/videos mainly created by the team it would increase traction to Sushi’s:

2. Operations:

  • Core developers able to fully concentrate on building as NYANS can exist on both SushiNyan & Discord #support.
  • NYANS can help compile reports/feedbacks monthly to inform core developers on improvements/suggestions by the community (e.g UI).
  • NYANS can help disseminate important information to the public as well.

3. Institutions (In the distance future)

  • With a core support team established by then, Sushi can easily assign dedicated NYANS to privately support institutions wanting to ape.
  • Service fees earned from institutions can be distributed to xSushi holders as well.

Next Steps

  • Chatbot + Website creation (1.5 months)
  • Volunteers recruitment
  • Collaboration & Trial period of 6 months with Sushi Team to test effectiveness
  • YAY
  • NAY

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Customer support ideas could be great to keep it within the Sushi Web App. This would take a bit of strain off the Discord channels as well. A lot of questions there could be handled by simply directing people to the correct docs page. We may not even need to implement in app customer support, as users could be directed to a dedicated Discord channel after sifting them thru the docs search. Hopefully this would contain help issues into a dedicated area, and could then build the help section further off of this.

Maybe some kind of educational page or tutorial if a new wallet is detected could help? Education is always a good idea in this rapidly moving space.

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Good proposal, there is indeed a real need for more docs and supports.
As many questions are the same and most of the time basics ones.

Great proprosal you have here. I agree with what you mentioned above as I’ve noticed that many questions are left unanswered or took a really long time to answer in the support channel. This could be very beneficial to Sushi as it could take the load off from the team so that they can focus fully on development

100% agree with this. While many questions can be answered by a wiki, customer support is the number one complaint with people who use CEX, so if DEX can provide a good support system, it could be a game changer.