Sushiswap Compared to Coinbase

Hey all. Hope everyone is staying optimistic and well. I’ve been buying up $SUSHI here and there based on a) I love it, and b) it appears that Coinbase’s pending IPO will force people to look at SUSHI as very undervalued.

Is my logic in comparing the two totally unfounded? Sushiswap is doing an amazing amount of volume per day. It feels inevitable that it will be compared to Coinbase’s valuation. No?

I don’t think you’d be alone in thinking it’s undervalued.

I think there’s a lot of pent up demand waiting to see what UNI V3 looks like and how well we (Sushi) can execute the cross chain things being discussed in this forum over here


depends on your timescale, I’m sure $100 will be a distant memory by the end of this bullrun if Sushi keeps making the smart moves it’s making


I will say this: the friction involved in adopting Sushiswap–coupled with the fact that people have driven their transaction volume to where it is–says a ton about where this ship is headed. My background is software/consumer electronics and people are overcoming quite a bit to stick around. The engagement is off the charts. If Sushi invests heavily into user experience (I like it now), it will be insanity in a good way.

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Everything I involve myself in is with the long game in mind. It’s been a lifelong problem and the source of all my best blessings. Appreciate the thoughts. I am with you…